How To Check If Your Windows PC Protected From Meltdown and Spectre Attack


This article is all about how to check Meltdown and Spectre bug on our PC. Meltdown and Spectre from somedays you have been probably hearing these terms a lot. These both are vulnerabilities that are discovered in many of the computer processors like private computers as well as Cloud storage and data centers. These both […]


Fascinating facts about Administrative distance in Routers


This article is all about Some important known facts about the Administrative distance which is used by routers to choose a path for sending a packet from one router to another router. Many of the routing protocols have metric structures and algorithms which are not compatible with other routing protocols. So in a large network […]


List of all the Port numbers used by Linux operating system


This article is all about Port numbers and services which are used by Linux operating system. All the Linux operating systems depends on access to many TCP and UDP ports to function. Every Linux operating system also includes numerous software programs that require access to these communication ports. Service names and port numbers are used […]


List of all Country Codes, Phone Codes, and ISO Codes Of each Country


This article is all about Country Related information like country codes, phone codes, iso-codes, population, GDP etc. All the countries have their specific phone codes and country codes that are very important when we want to communicate a person from another country. Because without these codes we cannot communicate outside the country so we require […]