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Apple unveiled iOS 12 at WWDC 2018. This time its not about a major iOS overhaul but performance. “With iOS 12, we are doubling down on performance,” Apple’s Senior VP said on stage. A good announcement for the owners of the older devices like iPhone 6 plus. There are several significant changes and improvements making there way to your devices this fall or be a developer and get them earlier. Facetime with upto 32 faces or voices, Grouped notifications, Memoji, Screen Time, Siri shortcuts are some of the new things. All of the iOS 11 devices are eligible for iOS 12.

Focusing on the older batch of Apple devices, the iOS 12 delivers optimal performance with prolonging battery life. It could be the fastest iOS ever. Camera opens 70 percent faster, apps launch 40 percent faster and keyboard opens 50 percent faster. But we all remember that iPhone battery scandal when they purposefully slowed down the older iPhones.


Do not Disturb and Screen Time

When we talk about making a healthier balance between gadgets and life we really loved the Forest app. The new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 is here to give it a leap. It will detail you how much time you are spending on the screen and individual apps. It can give a weekly report for your app usage. Breaking down the app usage by category, detailed insights and setting a time limit for each app, after which you will be notified “Time’s up”. How about this for parental control and monitoring?

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Memoji: Animoji of yourself

Galaxy S9 with AR emojis was very fascinating but failed to impress in the end. iOS 12 will use your front facing 3D camera to make Animojis of yourself. To make them more like you there are several customization options for skin tone, accessories like sunglasses, hair styles and much more. This is such a good work in this field and we believe it won’t fail like Galaxy S9.

New Animoji

Animoji with tongue out feature.

Cut off length for Animoji videos is now 30 seconds(previously 10 seconds).

New entries like Koala, Tiger, Ghost and T.rex


The notification area of the Windows 10 mobile was great and group notifications in it was no different. Now you can have that grouped notifications(app, topic or thread) in iOS too. You can remove older notifications in bulk. Turning off notifications for a specific app is also allowed. Now iOS notifications won’t be as messy as they were used to be.

Group Facetime

Facetime now allows you to connect with upto 32 people in a conference video or audio chat.

You’ll see tiles of your friends in the call and when someone speaks that respective tile enlarges. Just double tap to bring them in center.

FaceTime camera also gets Animoji and sticker packs to make those conference calls more fun.

Siri shortcuts

Siri’s Shortcut offers day to day information and services which might be useful to you. It is smart enough to provide suggestions based on your habit (if you do something repeatedly). There are lots of shortcuts to download and also many that you can create yourself. For example, you can program a voice prompt to make Siri order your groceries. When Google and Amazon are taking the lead in the digital assistant game this might be the comeback time for Siri. Thanks to Siri Shortcuts.

Siri + Third party apps

Siri is now open to more third party apps. It means that to perform quick actions third party apps can build shortcuts. A simple “Hey Siri, I lost my keys.” was demonstrated on stage.

ARKit 2.0

What if two users could see the same thing on two different iPhones while running the same app on both. ARKit 2.0 will make it happen.

ARKit is Apple’s AR software toolbox for developers. This time the focus is on multi-user experiences.

Measure app

Ever wanted to have perfect dimensions of the object you are viewing? Measure app can do that. It can also help you with arranging furniture by AR.

3D graphics

USDZ is the new file format from animation giant Pixar and Apple. It is an Augmented Reality File Format which can hold files and tools which can render them. It stands for Universal Scene Description Optimized for Sharing, by sharing we mean nearly everywhere in iOS. It is an open file format.

iOS 12 users will have the ability to easily create 3D objects that seem to appear in real-space, then share them with friends. That’s super cool.

Other revamped apps

  • Stocks
  • Photos
  • News
  • iBook is now Apple Book
  • Carplay with third party apps
  • Voice memo

Other changes

  • Password search in Siri
  • Smarter Dark mode
  • Share passwords among iOS 12 devices
  • More battery information
  • iPad and iPhone X gestures are gonna be similar

iOS 12 is all about making the iOS faster than ever with some significant changes. Don’t expect a major overhaul. In case you own a slow iPhone 6 with iOS 11 then definitely give it a try. It might save your device and make it live longer. Can we say that Apple is no longer forcing us to buy a new iPhone?

These are just some of the few things that Apple actually wanted us to know. We all know that there will be a few more surprises until the stable iOS 12.

Already on iOS 12? Please let us know about your experiences and reactions without a Memoji.

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