Best extensions for Safari browser {List of top extensions for Safari 2018}

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This article is all about for top extensions for safari browser 2018. This article is mainly for Safari users in this tutorial we learn about some extensions that are very useful for safari browser. By these extensions, we can increase our productivity on the safari browser at the time of surfing the internet. There is no doubt over the fact that extensions are what make web browser more productive than they actually are. Safari is default web browser for Apple devices including Mac, iPhone, and iPod also. So always use extensions for increasing your productivity. Here I provide a list of extensions that is surely helpful for you.

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Tab Options

Tab Option is the extension which is used to enable an additional option for the tabs, and it is also used to assign hotkeys to perform certain tab-related actions. Of note having the ability to specify that which tab is focused when closing another tab.

Safari Keyword Search 

Safari Keyword Search extension enables you to search for efficiently. This extension enables you to search the specific website by using some letter or phrases as a prefix. This has an ability to add your own search engine. This plugin will override your search engine, so make sure you set up that correctly after installing.

List of top safari extensions


PickPocket is the simple a bookmark manager, for those people which used many of the bookmark tools such as google bookmark, pocket and many other. This extension will place a button in the toolbar, which will allow you to access links which you have saved before. In  PickPocket, you can also add new bookmark directly from safari.


PiPifier is a Safari extension which is used to enable the features for any of the HTML5 videos. If you want to take the advantage of this extension, then first you have to download this extension from the app store, and then you will install it on your computer. After complete the installation, you will find a toolbar button which will appear alongside your address bar. And you will also find a new picture in picture button directly on the video control.


HoverSee extension is also known as hover zoom, because of this extension help you for zooming the image. This extension is more useful for images because it allowing you to just hold your mouse over an image and that image will be seen in large view, this is occurring with the help of the hoversee extension.

F.B. Purity

F.B. Purity extension is used to clean up the facebook as its name suggested. This extension is used to hide things like trending topics, game suggestion, suggested posts, related post, sponsored post and many more posts like these. This extension also disables autoplay video.

Note: – To use F.B. Purity extension in safari you will also need a “Tampermonkey” extension.


As the name suggests, this extension is used to translate the web page into another language. This extension also has a feature that it automatically detects which language is currently seeing on the page. Translate extension adds a single toolbar button on Safari, which reloads the current page within a google translate wrapper.


Syndicate extension is used to find the RSS feed of a website easily, by simply click on the syndicate toolbar button we can see the RSS feed of the website. This extension allows you to copy the RSS feed and add it to Safari shared link’s feature.

No more iTunes

This extension is used for stop iTunes when it suddenly launches because of you clicked on an App store link from your safari browser.


This extension is very helpful for all the Safari users. Sometimes we might want to save a particular browsing session in safari and want’s to restore it later then this extension is very helpful for you. This extension manages all of your browsing session in a simple manner. So always use it for manage and restore browsing session.

list of best safari extensions


This extension is very helpful for increasing your productivity. This extension helps you to know where your maximum time is going. WasteNoTime monitors how long you spend your time on a specific website and helps you to save your time by creating a block list of that websites.

LastPass – Security

This extension is very helpful to all by using this extension you can manage and save your all data like your password, username and address also in encrypted form on your device. By using this extension your forms and passwords are automatically fulfilled on different websites when you want to fill these entries on that specific website.

Now here I give you a list of some extensions that are must for all the bloggers and students to increase their productivity on Safari browser.

  1. Evernote Web Clipper
  2. OneNote Web Clipper
  3. Pin It button on Pinterest
  4. Save to Pocket button
  5. Instapaper
  6. eBay
  7. 1Password
  8. LastPass
  9. Dashlane
  10. Boards for Trello
  11. Buffer
  12. Reddit Enhancement Suite


These are the best extensions for safari browser according to me. If you have some suggestions then suggest through the comment section and also provide feedback using the comment section because your feedback is valuable to us.

Your thoughts?

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