How to create a virtual hard disk in windows?


This article is all about Virtual hard disk creation in Windows. But First of all, we discuss about virtual disk such as what is Virtual disk and why we use it on our systems and also how virtual disk helps us for productivity. Virtual hard disk (VHD) is also known as by disk image that is used by us for storing complete content of a hard drive. The virtual hard disk is similar to the actual hard disks in the features and working process of a data.

But virtual hard disk does not have its own space it works on virtual space that is gained from other volumes or hard drives on that system. The virtual hard disk is of two types one is the fixed size and another is dynamically expanded. Both the types have advantages and disadvantages such as fixed size VHD’s are having fixed space in it while dynamically expanded VHD’s are expanding their size according to the data store in it.

Now let’s start with how to create a Virtual Hard Disk on your system step by step.

step 1:  First of all Right click on my computer icon then choose to manage option figure shown below

create vhd

step 2: After that in computer management option choose disk management that opens new settings in the right sidebar figure shown below
disk management
step 3: then chose action option and select CREATE VHD option figure shown below
create vhd
step 4: now a new screen will open in this screen we choose where our file will save so, click on browse and choose your path to save file figure shown below
choose path
step 5: then choose the size of the virtual hard disk in MB and click on ok button figure shown below
size allocation
step 6: then look below your virtual hard disk creation in progress figure shown below
vhd creating process
step 7:  now your virtual hard disk is created but it is offline to show your VHD click on initialize disk figure shown below
vhd initialize
step 8:  now a new screen will open in this screen select disk 1 and choose MBR partition and click ok button figure shown below
vhd creation
step 9:  now right-click on the newly created partition and choose NEW SIMPLE VOLUME figure shown below
vhd online
step 10: now a new screen will open click on next button figure shown below
choose next button
step 11: now choose next button again figure shown below
process will be going on
step 12:  now click on the format this volume and choose next button figure shown below
work in progress
step 13:  now in the last step choose finish button figure shown below
in last choose finish












Now your virtual hard disk will be created and shown on your laptop to show your virtual hard disk double click on your my computer icon now you saw a new partition on screen this is your virtual hard disk. If you have queries regarding this then simply solved through the comment section. Also, follow our blog for further updates.

To saw this process in video format go to my channel using given below link

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