How to add password to any file from your browser?

Android and IOS

Hello everyone today we will learn how to add password to any file from your browser directly in your computer and smart phone also.  So now let’s start

Step 1: first of all we visit a site a zip it in your browser.
Step 2: after open it we will saw a option select a file type encrypt..just click on it.

Step 3: now choose any file from your pc or smart phone on which you want to add password protection from browser.
Step 4:- then after it choosing the file it will ask to create a password for this file.
Step 5: now after inserting the password there will be a option to download your password protect file. You may simply download by click on download option and you may also delete your original file from your pc.
Step 6:- now if you required to open your protected file just double click on that downloaded file that is password protected from your browser. Now it will ask to insert the password that you have insert at the time of encrypt it.
Step 7:- now insert your password in it and click on unlock option.
Step 8:- now click on given download link and download your pc in your computer. Now open your file it is your original file that you have protect with password.

If you have any queries about this trick comment below otherwise contact me.

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