Command prompt tricks

Hello everyone once again I am here so today we will learn about how to make a pen drive bootable through command prompt in windows without using any software.  So let’s start

For this process we use administrator command prompt so before starting we log in our computer as administrator.

Step 1: we will go to run using windows key+R. before this process we put a pen drive in computer then start this process.
Step 2: in run we type cmd and press enter your command prompt will be open.

Step 3: now in command prompt we type diskpart and press enter.
Step 4: then we type list disk and press enter. Now your disk will be shown on screen disk 0 is your laptop hard disk  so never choose disk 0 always choose other  than disk  0.
Step 5: now we type select disk number (like me type select disk 2) and press enter.
Step 6: after it we type clean and press enter. Now your disk will be clean.
Step 7: after it we type create partition primary and then press enter.
Step 8: after it we type select partition 1 and then press enter.
Step 9: after it we type active command and press enter.
Step 10: after it we type format fs=ntfs quick command and press enter. This command uses for format your pen drive also.
Step 11: after it we wait for pen drive format completely and then we type assign and press enter. Now press exit and press enter and close the command prompt. Figure shown below
bootable pendrive
Step 12: after it we choose an iso file and extract it through any software and then extracted file will be copied in your pen drive directly after copy will be complete your pen drive will be bootable and you use it for put window Linux and other iso in your computer.
 we think it is helpful for you. For any doubt and queries about it contact us otherwise comment on post we will help you shortly.

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