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There are generally two ways by which you can easily make a pen drive bootable to install an operating system to our system. In which one is Automatic and another is Manual method. In the automatic method, we use third party software to make a pen drive bootable while in the manual method we use inbuilt command prompt features from Windows operating system.

Here all the steps are given by which you can easily make a pen drive bootable using the command prompt. But always remember that at least 4 GB Pendrive is required to this process for all types of iso files. so let’s start here how to make a Pendrive bootable using the command prompt in Windows.

Note: – For this process, we use administrator command prompt so before starting we log in our computer as the administrator.

Step 1: First of all open run search box using Windows key+R. Before this process, always put a pen drive on the computer then start this process.

Step 2: After that in the run search box type cmd command and press enter to open the command prompt on your system.

Step 3: After that now in command prompt, type diskpart command and press enter.

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Step 4: After that type list disk command and press enter to saw a list of all the disks connected to your system. Now you can see that a list of the disk will be shown on screen here disk 0 is your laptop hard disk so never choose disk 0 always choose other than disk  0.

Step 5: now type select disk 2 (here 2 is my disks number which I want to make bootable) and press enter.

Step 6: After that type clean command and press enter. Now your disk will be clean.

Step 7: After that now type create partition primary command and then press enter.

Step 8: After that type select partition 1 command and then press enter.

Step 9: After that type active command and press enter.

Step 10: Now type format fs=ntfs quick command and press enter. This command uses for format your pen drive.

Step 11: After that wait for pen drive format completely and then we type assign command and press enter. Now type exit command and press enter and close the command prompt. The figure is shown below

bootable pendrive
Step 12: Now choose an iso file and extract it through any software and then extracted file will be copied in your pen drive directly after all the files copied your pen drive will be worked as bootable and you use it for put window Linux and other operating systems in your system.
This is the whole process by which you can easily make a pen drive bootable without using any third party software on your system. It is the easiest way according to me and also you do not need any third party software. So this method also considered as safer than others. If you have any queries regarding this then simply solved out through the comment section.

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