How to create your own keyboard shortcut in Mac devices

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This article is all about how to create keyboard shortcuts in Mac devices for any of the app. In the previous article we learn about how to block websites in mac devices now in this post we create keyboard shortcuts for your Mac devices. I love keeping my hands on my keyboard not only because it is a huge time saver, but it is also pretty damn comfortable not having to switch backward and forward between the mouse and keyboard. To solve this problem, I made some keyboard shortcuts within System Preferences. Using the keyboard to perform routine and repetitive tasks is a great time saver and really ups your skills. But many of us don’t know how to add and delete keyboard shortcuts in Mac devices.

In today’s world, all of us find shortcuts to do work with ease and in a simple manner. But after reading this article you can also be able in to create your own keyboard shortcut and also use that keyboard shortcut on your system according to your need. In other words, we can say that you can customize your keyboard according to your needs and requirements on your Mac devices. So always use Keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity and ups your skills. So let’s start here how to create keyboard shortcuts on your Mac devices.

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Now use below-given steps to create keyboard shortcuts in your Mac devices.

1.  First of all, click on the apple menu and then click on the system preference option to open system preferences menu on your system.

2.  Now after that click on the Keyboard and Mouse preference pane from the system menu on your Mac devices.

3.  Now, this should load a new window with the following four tabs that are Keyboard, Mouse, Bluetooth and Keyboard Shortcuts.

how to create shortcuts in Mac devices

4.  After that, click on the Keyboard shortcut tab from these four options on your system.

5.  Now here a list of all the inbuilt keyboard shortcuts for Mac devices should show up on your system screen.

6.  Now after that from here we select the app shortcut and then we will click on the Add(+) sign that is placed on the bottom left screen of the window.

7.  Now after that click on the Application pop-up menu and then here we will choose an app for which you want to create a keyboard shortcut.

8.  After that, if you want to set the same keyboard shortcut or command for a menu command that appeared in many apps, then choose All Application option from your screen to apply this shortcut on all the apps at once. If your App doesn’t appear in the list then choose other option and locate it using the open dialog box from your system. Remember that some apps may not allow you to create shortcuts.

general keys used for create keyboard shortcuts

9.  After that, type a menu command for which you want to set a keyboard shortcut in the menu title field. Remember that type the command exactly it appears in the application menu, including ellipses and punctuations in it.

10.  Always make sure that the keyboard shortcut you make could already be in use. So always check ahead before making your shortcut on the Mac devices.

11.  After that, click on the keyboard shortcut field and here you will press the key combination that you want to assign to the menu command, and then you will click on Add(+) sign to add that keyboard shortcut on your Mac devices.

12.  Always remember that you can use each type of key at once in a Key combination for the keyboard shortcut.

13.  Now after that quit and restart any app that you are using at that time to take effect of the new keyboard shortcuts on your device.


By using above given steps you can be able to make a keyboard shortcut on Mac devices for any of the app you want. After that, if you want to remove a keyboard shortcut from your Mac device then simply click on Delete(-) sign to proceed. If you have any queries regarding this then simply solved out your queries through the comment section and also provide feedback to us because your feedback is valuable for us.

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