How to create your own Run commands in windows


This article is all about how to create your own run command in windows. In this tutorial, we learn about how to create a command/keyword for run search box by which we can easily access that application and setting by typing that command/keyword in a run search box. There is no doubt that Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating system because of its graphical user interface in all parts of the world. A run search box is an inbuilt feature of windows operating system. By using this feature we can easily access applications and settings also on your system by type a single command. So, rather than clicking several icons or using multiple commands, You can use Run search box to open any program, settings, and document instantly. In the previous tutorials, we learn many of the commands for the Run search box that is very helpful in everyday life. Now in this tutorial, we learn about how to create your own Run command according to your needs. So let’s start here.

Follow given steps to create a new command for the run search box in windows.

Step 1: – First of all right click on your desktop screen and then you saw that various options will be displayed on your screen in which choose the New option then click on the shortcut option to proceed. As the figure is shown below

how to create shortcut in windows

Step 2: – After clicking on the shortcut option you saw that a new pop-up screen will be displayed on your screen that asks you for what item would you like create a shortcut for? In other words, it will ask you for the path of the application or software for which you want to create the Run command.

Step 3: – Now in this pop screen click on the browse option and then navigate to the path of your application file and after that click on the Next button.(Here in this box choose the path of your application for which you want to create a command it should be a .exe file or .lnk file or maybe another shortcut). Like here in this tutorial I consider Google chrome as the example and I create a command for open Google chrome from Run search box. As the figure is shown below

navigate path for create shortcut

Step 4: – After that, it will ask you for what would you like to name the shortcut? Now type a name in the given box like here I provide google as the name of the shortcut and then click on the Finish button to proceed. As the figure is shown below

give name to the created shortcut

Step 5: – After that, you saw that a new shortcut will be displayed on your screen it means your process of creating shortcut has been done successfully. Here at this stage, your approx 99 percent work is done. Now go to next step to successfully create a command for the Run search box in windows.

Step 6: – Now after that, cut this shortcut from your screen and paste this shortcut in the C drive in its Windows folder. The path of Windows folder will be given below navigate to this path and paste your newly created shortcut into Windows folder.

C:\Windows,    and always remamber that you are login to your computer as administrator of the system.

Step 7: – When it is done now you are able to open your google chrome directly by using Run search box without click on the icon.

Now to open google chrome directly from the Run search box. Now first of all open Run search box using Windows key+R keys.

Step 8: – After that type google in the Run search box and then press enter to open google chrome using command instead of clicking on its icon.


This is a short tutorial for creating your own commands for the Run search box. If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask through the comment section and also provide feedback because your feedback is valuable to us.

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