How to delete the entire search history in windows file explorer?


In this article we learn about windows. In windows we learn about how to delete the entire search history of your pc except browsers by using this simple method we delete our windows file explorer search history that is typed by us in windows search bar and anyone can saw it from there so we learn about how to delete this permanently.

We will delete this search history by two methods. It is only applicable on windows 8 and 10 users for windows 7 wait for the next article. so let’s start


How to delete the entire search history of windows file explorer without using registry.

Step 1:- To delete search history we go to windows search box and click on it.

delete search history

Step 2:- now after that search option is saw on the screen click on it. and then after it  click on the recent searches which is shown on the screen in the search option.

Step 3:- now after that  in recent searches we saw a option clear search history simply click on it.

Step 4:- now check your search history will be permanently deleted from your windows without any confirmation shown on screen.

If this method is do not work for your window choose second method given below but it is risky for your computer if you do not do this method properly it changes your registry and your system will be do not work perfectly in that case you change your window to to operate your system correctly.


How to delete entire search history of your windows file explorer by using registry editor.

Step 1:- first of all we go to registry by click on start button and type regedit in it and press enter. after it give permission to registry to open it.

Step 2:- in the registry editor use the left sidebar to navigate the following path step by step

Step 3:- then in left sidebar double click on option HKEY_CURRENT_USER to open it.

Step 4:- after that double click on option SOFTWARE to open it.

Step 5:- after that double click on option Microsoft option to open it.

Step 6:- after that double click on option Windows and then click on option Current Versions to open it.

Step 7:- after that click on Explorer and after it click on WordWheelQuery to reach on last step of that process. after open it in right sidebar some entries will be shown.

full path of registry is shown below


Step 8:- after reaching that place right click on option  WordWheelQuery in left sidebar and click on delete option shown in figure below to delete all entries and to delete your search history.


Step 9:- after click on delete option a pop up screen will be open in it choose option yes and close the registery editor.  To saw the change please restart your computer saw effect.

If you have any doubt and queries related to this article comment below post and send feedback to us. i will help you.

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