How to encrypt your Facebook messages using messenger app in Android and IOS devices

Android and IOS

This article is all about how to encrypt your Facebook messages using messenger app on Android devices. In the previous posts, we learn about many of the Android tips and tricks. In nowadays all of us use social media like Whatsapp, facebook, hike, google plus etc. But many of these will be not provided us an encrypted medium by which we can encrypt our personal messages. Only WhatsApp will be provided us end-to-end subscription by which we can encrypt our messages and that encrypted messages will be not readable by any of other people except sender and receiver.

After WhatsApp, Facebook also implemented end to end encryption option in its messenger app which is available on android and ios platform also. But in Facebook users need to enable the secret conversation option to get started. In messenger app, this feature will also come with a self-destruct option for extra security. Now let’s start here how to encrypt facebook messages on your android and ios devices.

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How to Encrypt your facebook message

  1.  First of all, we will open the facebook messenger to encrypt the facebook message If you don’t have messenger app on your system then install it from Google play store.
  2.  Then we will select the icon of the profile from the main menu and then look for the secret conversation options. Now we will click on the secret conversation option in messenger app. As the figure is shown below

start secret conversion in messenger app

  1.  Now we will toggle the “Secret Conversation” ON, then it will display a small popup screen which is telling that “This will be the only device you can use to send and receive messages.” Means of this popup is that now you can set up the encrypted messages on but only in one device. Now we will proceed by click on the turn on the option in the popup screen from your display. As the figure is shown below

turn on secret conversation

  1.  Now we will come back to the messenger’s home screen and then we will tap on the plus option from your screen then click on ‘Write Message’ option to create a message. This option can be present at the bottom or at top locations, it depends only on your device that it is Android or IOS. As the figure is shown below

tap on write message option

  1.  Now we will choose the secret message option from the top right corner of the screen and then Turn On it to create an encrypted message. As the figure is shown below

start secret conversion with your friend

  1.  Now you are ready to chat with your facebook friend with encrypted messages. Now you can select a friend from the friend list and you can able to start a chat with your friend in secret mode. By using this trick only sender and receiver will be able to read these messages because these messages are in encrypted form. As the figure is shown below

select your friend to make an secret conversation

  1.  But one thing you should remember that if your friend has not Turn On the Secret Conversations option, then he/she can not see your message, so tell your friend to turn it on before start conversation. After that start encrypted conversation from your Android and IOS device using messenger app.
  2.   Now we saw that a clock will be displayed on your screen. Now simply click on that clock it allows you to set time for self-destruct your messages from sender and receiver’s screen after a certain time. You can use this option for self-destructing your encrypted messages from your and receivers device. As the figure is shown below

set time for self-destruct a message

  1.  Now if you want to check that your messages is secure or not simply click on details option which is indicated by three vertical dots at the top right corner of your secret conversations screen. As the figure is shown below

select detail menu to saw details about your conversation

  1. Now after that you can see that there are many options will be shown on your screen. Now in that screen choose device keys from your device and then click on device keys. As the figure is shown below

saw your device keys and ensure your chat seurity

  1. Now after clicking on device keys option, you saw that many numbers will be shown on your device screen. Now compare these keys with your friend’s keys numbers and ensure the security of the chat.


If you have any queries related to this simply solved out your queries using the comment section. By using this method you can easily encrypt your facebook messages and start a secure conversation with your friends and also ensure your security of the chat.

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