How to fix Blue screen of death problem in Windows


This article is all about how to fix Blue screen of death problem in windows. In other words, we can say that how to fix error Your PC ran into a problem that it can’t handle, and now it needs to restart on Windows operating PCs. This type of error is caused by the Windows by some critical errors such as dedicated graphics error, bad drivers error, and your computer’s hardware issues. This type of problem generally comes in all the versions of Microsoft Windows no matter on which version of Windows your PC operating.

To fix this type of problem we use many of the methods but they did not work because of lack of knowledge. Blue screen problem can lead to data loss so all of the users want to prevent their PCs or laptops from this problem and use many of the methods but they can’t. If blue screen error is caused by a bad driver then it also indicates the driver file name on your screen like pci.sys, athwb.sys, nvlddmkm.sys, win32k.sys, atikmdamg.sys, aswsp.sys etc.

How to fix blue screen problems in Windows

One day while I am sitting in the front of my PC and do some important work then suddenly a blue screen is shown on my PC with the stop error message and then my PC restart automatically without any confirmation and I lose all of my important data because of restarting the PC. Then I think about it and put some extra effort to resolve this problem. So now you can see that what type of efforts I did to resolve this problem.

During the blue screen of death problem, your screen can show an error message which can be like this  “Blue screen caused due to the bad drivers” and “your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. WE’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.” and “Blue screen caused due to some faulty hardware”.

Different methods to prevent blue screen problem in windows

1.  If you got blue screen problem on your PC then, first of all, check whether your PC having enough disk space or not. Because this types of error also caused by not having enough disk space to operate your PC. If your PC running out from disk space then use some disk cleanup tools or extend your disk space by adding additional hard disk etc.

2.  If in the stop error message your PC showing the name of a file after the error code examples given in the above part of the article. Then simply understand that this file is the error causing the file or you get blue screen problem because of some bad drivers. Now to find out for which bad driver this file belongs simply search it on the internet using that file name. After that search, that file on your PC or laptop to fix this problem and for checking properties of the file. Generally, this type of files and driver files are located in the C:\Windos\System32\drivers

Now to fix blue screen problem we replace this corrupt file from another file by checking its properties, size, and version number which is identical in nature and it is generally located in C;\Windows\System32\DLLcache\ or C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepositry. After that make sure that this is works on your PC or not. If this method does not work on your PC then try another method which is given below.

3.  If Blue screen problem is caused by some corrupt files then install System file checker software on your PC. After that run this software on your system it will automatically identify corrupt files and replace them with new files. After that restart your PC and check whether blue screen problem on your PC is fixed or not.

4.  If above method does not help you in fixing blue screen problem then use blue screen troubleshooter to resolve this problem. This blue screen troubleshooter is given by the Microsoft in Windows 10 Creators update. To know more about Windows 10 Creators update read my previous articles.

5.  If this method also does not work for you then simply update your graphics driver to their latest version and check whether this method is work for you or not. To update your graphics drivers you can take help from the official website of your graphics manufacturer.

6.  If this type of error prevents you from booting your system in normal mode and shows error at the time of starting and booting then run automatic repair feature from the advanced options to resolve this problem. I think this is helpful for you because in many of the cases this method works perfectly and resolve all of your problems with ease.

7.  If all of the above methods do not work for you then you can use below-given options to fix this problem.

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System Restore: – If your system shows blue screen problem after updating your system to the latest version and before updating your system works perfectly. Then use System Restore feature which is given by Microsft in the all version of windows. System Restore rolls your system software back to a previous state. If this works then understand that it is a software problem and to prevent yourself from blue screen problem never update your system in nearby future.

Hardware problems: – If your system shows blue screen problem then also check for Hardware problems on your PC. Because blue screen also caused by faulty hardware. So try to test your computer’s memory for errors and also check the temperature of your system and make sure that it is not overheating. Also, check other hardware’s as well as these two.

Check for Viruses and malware: – Sometimes Windows system crashed by some harmful Viruses and malware and shows the blue screen of death. So to protect your system from viruses always scan your computer for malware after a certain time interval and also prevent your system from crashing the Windows operating system.

Reinstall Windows: – If you try all of the methods and failed in to fix blue screen problem then the perfect option for your PC or laptop to fix this problem is reset Windows or perform a clean installation of Windows. By reinstalling Windows all of your existing software’s and crashed files will be deleted permanently and your system works at its fastest speed. If your system shows blue screen problem after this then this is surely by the faulty hardware. In this case, take your PC to a computer expert and replace your faulty hardware with a new one.

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These are the possible ways by which we can fix blue screen problem from your system. If you found this article helpful for you then provide feedback to us. Because your feedback is valuable to us and also subscribe this blog for further updates.

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