How to flash a custom ROM by computer in Samsung android devices using Samsung ODIN

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This article is all about how to flash a custom ROM in Samsung Android devices by computer using Samsung ODIN software. This tutorial is only useful for Samsung mobile users because Samsung ODIN software is only used on Samsung Android devices for flash a custom ROM and Kernel also. Sometimes Samsung android devices show and error in flashing a new custom ROM or in flashing a new kernel by custom recoveries.

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At this time we use Samsung ODIN software on your PC to flash a custom ROM on your Android device. This method also helps when we do not find a custom ROM in ZIP format but we find that custom ROM in tar format than this method is very useful to flash a custom ROM on your android device because Samsung ODIN only installs tar format files on your android device. 

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Now follow these steps for flash a new custom ROM on your android device by using Samsung ODIN software on your computer and flash a new custom ROM on your Samsung Android device.

Step 1: – First of all install Samsung Kies on your computer because it helps in installed drivers on your android device after flashing custom ROMs on your Samsung Android device. If you don’t have Samsung Kies on your system don’t worry get the drivers from internet and download drivers for your Android device.

Step 2: – After that now download ODIN software from the internet for your system and install it on your computer.

Step 3: – Now download a custom ROM for your Samsung device in tar format from the internet and extract it on your computer at specific place and remember that place

Step 4: – Now power off your android device and connect it to your computer by using a USB cable or data cable.

Step 5: – After that Now press volume down, home and power button at one time to go into download mode. It will also be helpful when your Android device shows error when you go into the recovery mode.

odin logo

Step 6: – By pressing these keys your phone shows the download mode custom binary warning screen.

Step 7: – Now after that simply confirm your download mode by press volume up button.

Step 8: – Now your Android device will be entered in download mode by using above step and your device driver installed on your computer.

Step 9: – Now open your Odin software on your computer to flash a new ROM on your Android device.

Step 10: – Now Odin should show a blue text such as “0:[COM3]”  which is written in the ID: COM box. {Here COM port will be varied from system to system, so do not assume it to be always 3}

Step 11: – Now select the ROM which is downloaded on your system from the internet. {If it is a single file, it should generally be PDA}. Now confirm that the files are selected in their respective boxes.

Step 12: – Now make sure “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” boxes are checked and also make sure that “Phone EFS Clear” and “Flash Lock” boxes is not checked.

Step 13: – Now make sure all things will be set then click on start option to start flashing ROM on your android device.

Step 14: – Now wait for some time because it takes some time to install new ROM on your Android device.

Step 15: – After the flashing process is completed there will be a “PASS” option displayed on your computer screen in green color now show that your android device will be reboot automatically without any action.

Pass action in odin software

Step 16: – After the flashing process is completed you saw that your android device has a new ROM on your android phone.


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