How to flash a custom ROM on your Android device.

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In the last tutorial related to the Android, we all learn about how to flash a custom recovery on your Android device. after root your android device. In this article, we will learn about how to flash a custom ROM on your Android device. There are many custom ROMs are present on XDA forum for all Android devices. First of all, go to the XDA forum and check a custom ROM is available for your android device on that website or not. Always search custom ROMs for your Android device along with its model number that gives you accurate results for your Android device.

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There are many custom ROMs are present for all Android devices like Cyanogen mod, FIUI, Sandroid, Pacman and many more ROMs are available on XDA forum download ROMs from there and then flash these ROMs on your rooted android device and customize your Android device and give your Android device a new look. So let’s start here how to flash a custom ROM on your android device through a custom recovery TWRP.

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We’re going to wipe most of the data on your phone. It should keep your internal storage intact (where your photos, music and other files are stored), but you will lose most of your app settings and other data. If you want to save any of that data, use those apps’ backup or export functions now. It’s probably a good idea to backup your internal storage too.

Step 1: – First of all copy the ZIP file of custom ROM which is downloaded by you from Xda forum and paste it into your phone’s external storage (sd card) do not copy this file into your phone’s internal storage because we wipe all data of your phones internal storage.

Step 2: – After that make a backup of your phone into TWRP before continuing with this process. this backup is very useful when your custom ROM does not work perfectly then you should recover your old stock ROM by the recovery of this data. So it is the very important process to make a backup of your phones internal storage.

Step 3: – After that simply power off your phone and then turn off your phone and boot into TWRP recovery. Doing this is a bit different on every phone, like in some phone’s you may have to hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously, then use the volume keys to boot “Custom Recovery Mode”. Search on Google for your Android device boot keys and then enter into boot mode.

Note: – Must be a custom recovery like CWM and TWRP. Here in this process, I use TWRP custom recovery for flash a ROM in android device.

Step 4: – After going into the custom recovery you saw a screen in this tap on Wipe option and then swipe the bar at the bottom to do a factory reset. You should always do a factory reset before flash a new custom ROM on your Android device. If you upgrade an existing ROM then you may not have to do a factory reset on your android device. Swipe to confirm wipe screen on your android device.

Wipe optionswipe screen for wipe

Step 5: – After that go back to the home screen of custom recovery and then click on the install option in it. Figure is shown below

tap install option

Step 6: – After that, the following screen will appear. In it go to the external sd card and then scroll down and navigate to your ROMs .zip file which you put in your sd card at starting. after finding the .zip file simply click on that file to flash ROM on your android device. the figure is shown below

choose a custom ROM from external sd card

Step 7: – After tapping on .zip file you saw a screen on this screen you saw a swipe option simply swipe to confirm the flash and wait for some time. It may take a few minutes to install ROM so, give it time. Figure is shown below

swipe to confirm flash

Step 8: – Now your custom ROM is successfully installed on your android device. start your phone to saw the effect of custom ROM on your phone. But you saw that you don’t have any google apps on your phone now we install Google apps on your phone by following below-given steps.

  • First of all download Google apps module from Xda forum for Android device along with model name then put into your phone’s external storage exact at the same place where your ROMs .zip file will be placed.
  • Now again go to the recovery mode then simply click on install option which is given on the home screen of the custom recovery of your android device. This time pick your Google apps .zip file from external storage and then swipe to confirm flash Google apps on your Android device. This may take some time, So be patient. Figure is shown below
  • choose .zip file of google apps
  • When it is done, tap on the “Wipe cache/Dalvik” that appears below in the image and then swipe to confirm. Figure is shown below
  • tap on wipe cache/dalwick
  • once the cache has been wiped now tap on the “Reboot system” button to back to the android device and customize your new ROM on your phone and enjoy. Now your phone will be work faster than before.


Now your android will be present in front of you with a new look and many customization options in it. If you have any problem in flashing a ROM then comment below. I will help you.

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