How to hide a partition in windows permanently without using command prompt in windows?


Hello everyone today we will learn how to hide a partition in windows without using command prompt and any third party software in windows in your pc.  So let’s start

Step 1: first of all we right click on my computer icon and click on manage option.
Step 2: after it we choose disk management option in it.

Step 3: then partition will be shown on your desktop in it we right click on partition which you want to hide.
Step 4:- then in it we choose change drive letter and path and click on it.
Step 5: after it a new screen will be open in it we click on remove option and choose yes then click on ok. Figure shown below

hide partition

Step 6: now your partition will be hidden to check this go to my computer and see the partition.
 I think this post is helpful for you if you have any queries about this you will be contact us any time and comment on post we will give answer you back.

Your thoughts?

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