How to hide a photo and a text file in a photo through command prompt in windows?

Command prompt tricks

Hey folks! once again i am here to learn how to hide a photo and text file in a photo through command prompt in windows and in it you also hide your password and other important text files and photo in it nobody can saw it.

For this process we will be open command prompt as admin otherwise your command will be do not work properly and for this we hide file in only .jpg file.

Step 1: first of all we will go to command prompt as admin by pressing windows key+X.
Step 2: after it a screen will be open at left bottom corner in it we choose command prompt admin and click on it.
Step 3: after it we will be go in drive where your photos and files will be saved you will be go their through cd .. command figure shown below.

hide text

Step 4: after it we will be type copy /b r.jpg(photo name)+rahul.txt(file name) Rahul.jpg(which name you ant after merge this) and press enter figure shown below.

hide photo

Step 5: your files will be hidden now and you can delete your original files and others are not saw this without knowing about it.
Step 6: after it to show your text file you will be go in to its properties through right click on it and click on properties after it choose open with option click on change and choose notepad now your hidden file will be open.

I think it is helpful to you if you have any queries about this so contact us and comment on it we will reply you shortly.

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