How to hide whatsapp media files from gallery in your smartphone permanently.

Android and IOS

hello everyone i am back with a new useful post today we will learn about your android mobile phone in this we learn how to hide your whatsapp media files like photo,audio and videos from your gallery in your android phone without using any software. this trick is very very simple and easy to use.

Step 1:- First of all go to ‘SD Card’ or ‘phone storage’ (if your whatsapp is installed on phone storage).
Step 2:- after it we found a folder in it with name ‘whatsapp’ now click on it.

Step 3:- after it we saw a folder in it with name ‘media’ now click on it.
Step 4:- Now here in the ‘media folder’ you will find folders of whatsapp images, whatsapp calls ,Audio video etc.
Step 5:- after it if you want to hide images from your gallery then choose whatsapp image in it and long press on it and choose rename option in it. otherwise if you want to hide audio and video from your gallery then choose folder and then long press on folders and choose rename option.
Step 6:- now rename this file whatsapp images to .whatsapp images and save it only put (.) before it and save this. figure shown below
 hide media files

now your images will be hidden from gallery to check this open your gallery

thanks for reading this post if any queries about this then contact us we will answer you soon as possible.


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