How to increase your pendrive data transfer speed without using any software?


Hello everyone today we will learn how to increase your data transfer speed in windows without using any software in windows it is easiest way to convert your usb 2.0 to usb 3.0.  So now let’s start

before using this trick you need to format your pen drive successfully.

STEP 1:- first of all we need to plug in your pen drive in your pc.
STEP 2:- now go to your computer and choose your pen drive in it and right click on it and select properties.

STEP 3:- after it we choose hardware option in it and click on it.
STEP 4:- now you saw a list of drives in it we choose our pen drive.
STEP 5:- after it click on properties and a new tab will be open in it.
STEP 6:- now we choose change setting and click on it.
STEP 7:- after it a new tab will be open in it we choose policies and click on it.
STEP 8:- then now in it we choose better performance and click on it then click on ok. figure shown below

increase data transfer speed

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