How to install wordpress offline on your computer?

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In this tutorial, I will provide you detailed instruction on how to install WordPress on your computer offline and you would use this version of WordPress to do some experiment on the WordPress website on your computer. Follow these guidelines if you want to perform a new, manual installation of the latest WordPress version. So let’s start here how to install WordPress on your computer in offline mode.

Follow these steps to install WordPress on your computer. So read these below-given instructions and follow them to install WordPress in offline mode on your computer.

Step 1: – First of all to start the installation process, we need to download WordPress from its official website. I recommended you that always use the latest stable version of WordPress from its official website. Click here to download WordPress from its official website. After going to the download page of WordPress click on download option to download WordPress on your computer. Remember that always download WordPress in ZIP format from its official website.

Step 2: – After downloading WordPress in ZIP format you should extract this ZIP file on your desktop in a new folder. Now we install xampp software on our computer to make your computer as a server and use it to upload your data to it instead of a web server. After installing the WordPress we create a database in it. If you don’t know how to install xampp software and how to use xampp software on your computer then click on given below link to know how to install xampp on your PC.

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Step 3: – After creating a database in xampp software you should copy your extracted WordPress files from desktop and paste these files into the htdocs folder in xampp. To reach to the htdocs folder, first of all, we go to local disk c then go to xampp then go to the htdocs folder in xampp and paste your extracted files here from your desktop.

Step 4: – After you should create a database and paste extracted WordPress files from desktop to htdocs folder in xammp folder successfully. Now we open our xampp control panel and start Apache and MySQL server in it to make your computer as a server and after starting these servers successfully your computer/PC work as a server. This process is very helpful to us because if you don’t make your system as a server then you should purchase space from other server holders and then go through installation process without a server you do not install WordPress on your computer so this is necessary to make your computer as a server and then we go through the installation process on your computer.

Step 5: – Now this time to navigate to your website to start with the installation process. Now open any browser on your computer and type localhost/Wordpress (Here WordPress is the name of my folder which is paste to the htdocs folder for me in step 3. Here you will type your folder name instead of WordPress) in your browser’s address bar and press enter key to start installation process on your computer. After you press enter you saw a message in your browser In it we click on Create a Configuration file option to proceed. Figure is shown below

open wordpress

Step 6: – After clicking on that option we saw again a message, asking you to prepare the necessary information for the installation. Since we already have this information so, simply click on the Let’s Go option to proceed. Figure is shown below

step by step wordpress installation

Step 7: – After that, we saw a page in it we fill all the entries according to its question like in Database name we will fill our database name which is created by us in xampp. Then choose username as admin and password according to you which is easy to memorize by you. Then in Database host, we always provide localhost and then go to ahead option Table prefix in this option we fill wp_. Now all entries will be filled by us then click on Submit option to proceed. The figure is shown below.

wordpress installation process

Step 8: – Now WordPress check your entries which are filled by you like check your database name and many other options if your database name will be not matched then it is not installed on your computer. If you fill all necessary entries perfectly without any error then after a few seconds later a confirmation will be shown on your screen. Now click on Run the install option to proceed. Figure is shown below

database configuration

Step 9: – After click on Run install option we saw that welcome screen will be open in your browser. In this screen, we will enter the information about administrative username, Password and title of your new site on the specifics the given place on this screen. In addition, you can specify whether you would want search engines to index your site or not. Now remember that it is not necessary to give your real email address in it instead of real email address we also able to provide [email protected] in the email address it does not affect your website. So if you don’t want to give your personal email to this then give this email to it and enjoy. After filling all necessary entries in it we click on the Install WordPress option to proceed and wait for few seconds. Figure is shown below

wordpress site configuration

            THAT’S IT 

Now your new WordPress application will be installed on your PC. Now you can use the log in option to access your administrative backend and start posting and customization on your new site. Figure is shown below

login pannel in wordpress

If you don’t know how to use a website for posting and how to customize your website then read this article How to make a website or blog online on WordPress?

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