How to install xampp on your PC and uses of xampp in windows?

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In this tutorial, we learn about how to make your system/computer as a pc and use it as a server. By this method we do many things on your computer which is work on servers only like PHP language is work only on servers. Now after making your system as a server, you should able to run PHP code on your system and we get output also on your screen. After making your system as a server we also able to create a database in it and we put files in this database also. We also use this server to install WordPress offline on your pc and also run your offline website by this method and do an experiment on that website because this is an offline website which is run only on your server. So, we learn here how to make your system as a server and how to create a database in it and use it.

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First of all, we download xampp software from internet use given below link to download xampp software for any operating system Linux, windows and mac click here 

Now xampp installation process is given here step by step following these steps to install xampp software on your pc

Step 1:- First of all go to your pc and go to in folder where your xampp setup will be placed now double click on xampp setup and a pop-up screen will b open in it choose yes and click on it.

Step 2:- Now on your screen, xampp installation tab will be opened in it, first of all, we choose to install option and wait your installation will be in progress. your progress will be represented by a green colour line in the progress bar.

Step 3:- After your installation will be completed a pop screen will be open in it your command prompt will be open to taking some permission from you to run xampp software on your computer and make your pc as a server. In it, first permission is “Should I add a shortcut to the start menu/desktop? (y/n) :”  in it, we type y and press enter. Figure is shown below

command prompt


Step 4:- After giving that permission to it. next permission will be displayed is “should I proceed? (y/x=exit setup) :” in it, we again type y and press enter to proceed.

Step 5:- After that, a new question will be open in it we type n  in it and press enter to proceed figure shown below.

xampp installation

Step 6:- After that, we press enter to proceed and then again press enter to proceed.

Step 7:- After that, we saw many options will be open on the command prompt screen. In it we choose last option by type x in it and press enter to complete this process. Figure is shown below.


Step 8:- Now your xampp installation will be completed and now we use this for making your system as a server and create a database in it.

How to use xampp and create a database in it to make your system as a server.

Step 9:- After install xampp go to xampp control panel by double click on xampp software icon on your desktop. Your xampp control panel will be open on your screen.

Step 10:- After opening xampp control panel we click on start option which is given in front of Apache. Then wait for few seconds and click on start option which is given in front of MySql and again wait for some minute to make your pc as a server. Figure is shown below

Before start Apache and MySql, your control panel looks like this

xampp control panel

After start Apache and MySql, your control panel looks like this

xampp control panel

Step 11:- After starting Apache and MySql we minimize the xampp control panel and then go to any browser on your computer and type localhost/xampp in the address bar of your browser and press enter. Then wait for some time your browser will look like this in it we click on English option.

xampp starting

Step 12:- After that, you saw that xampp will be open in your browser in it we choose phpMyAdmin in the left sidebar and click on it to create a database in your own xampp server and use it for a run offline website on your own pc. Figure is shown below

open phpMyAdmin

Step 13:- After that in your browser phpMyAdmin will be opened and look like this

create database

Here, we will type your database name in create new database option and then click on create to create your database on xampp server. Now your browser will show a message in it we saw that database Rahul is created means your database created successfully on your pc.

Step 14:- After that, your database named as Rahul will be created on your server and now you can use it for doing any work which is done only on a server now it is also done on your pc also by this software


If you have any problem with xampp installation and database creation then comment below the post, and I will be there for solving your problem and for helping you in any type of situation.

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