How to lock your pc by easy and simple method?


Hello guys i am back with a new post on my blog today we will learn how to lock your pc by simple and hidden method so get ready to do this lets start by following given steps with this trick you will be able to lock your pc by double click on it.

Step 1:-Right click on Desktop of your PC.

Step 2:- then we click on new option and then we click on shortcut option.

Step 3:- after it we find a option here in it we type location of the item.

Step 4:- then after it we will copied given below code and paste it in the text box.

           %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Step 5:- after this process we will give a name to this like lock and click on finish button.

Step 6:- after it you will see an blank icon on you pc screen. simply double click on that icon you will saw your pc will be locked now without go on power button.

so it it easy to use if you find this is helpful to you then share it. support me to keep writing blog and keep check my blog everyday you will find something new everyday on this blog.

if you have any queries regarding to this artical simply comment on it we will solve your problem. 

keep attach for further updates.

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