How to make a pendrive bootable in windows?

Hello viewers in last session we will learn how to show a permanently hidden folder, file and videos also your pc through command. Today we will learn here how to make a pen drive bootable for any operating system.
First of all we make a bootable pen drive. Let’s start

Step 1: first of all we want a software to make pendrive bootable and a iso file of your operating system which want to put in your pc. for make pendrive bootable software link given below

Step 2: then put your pendrive in pc and install your downloaded bootable software to make pendrive bootable.
Step 3: then open your bootable software figure given below.
 yumi software
Step 4: then in step 1: select your  pendrive which want to make bootable.
Step 5: then in software step 2: put what you want in your pc like I put in pendrive window 7 then click on it.
Step 6: then click on browse and choose your iso file to make pendrive bootable.
Step 7: then click on create button figure shown below. And your screen look like this. This process take at least 15 minute.
Step 8: after this process in this step click on next button and then a screen will be shown click it on option no and then click on finish your pendrive will be convert into bootable. Now you use your pendrive to put window in your pc.
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