How to make a website or blog online on WordPress?

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This article is all about for bloggers who want to make a new blog and a new website online. I wrote this guide to help anyone – from bloggers to business owners – make their own website without having to learn code. There are three simple steps are used to make your own website. First of all, choose a website building platform to make a website or blog. After that choose a perfect domain name for your website which describes your website perfectly and also chooses a hosting provider. After that setup, design, and tweak your website to make your website more attractive towards users to get more views on your website. In the previous article, we learn that how to make a website offline on your system and now in this article, we learn that how to make a website online on WordPress.

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Now we will describe all steps in detail.

Step 1: – Choose a website building platform 

There are many CMS (content management system) available on the internet in today’s world to make a website or blog online like WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Drupal etc. Well back before content management system (CMS) will be not present on the internet most sites are built using HTML, CSS and even flash. These take a lot of time to learn and were tricky to master. In 2016 CMS (content management system) are present on the internet like WordPress, which access everyone to creating a website. A CMS is a user-friendly platform for building websites and managing your own online content on the internet instead of using a bunch of HTML pages. There is three most popular website building platform will be given according to the latest statistics.

  1. WordPress
  2. drupal
  3. Joomla

I recommended WordPress CMS (content management system) to make an online website because

  1. It is totally free, with many themes in it.
  2. It is very beginner friendly.
  3. It provides many of plugins free of cost.
  4. It is great for both small or large websites.
  5. the website you built with WordPress CMS will instantly be responsive, looking great on every mobile device. There is no need to hire a web developer for your website.
  6. It gives you a huge support and always a developer community is available to help you.

There are many CMS platforms are available on the internet but I would still use WordPress because it gives a user-friendly platform for you.

DRUPAL: – It is also a very powerful platform to make an online website. It is popular with web developers and experienced coders, but it comes with a very erect learning that is not beginner friendly.

Joomla: – It is a little bit different from WordPress CMS to make an online website on Joomla CMS then you will need at least a little bit of technical coding to make it work the way you desired.

Step 2: – If you want to make an online website then you always need these two things.

  1. A perfect domain name for your website ( a web address like
  2. Hosting of your website ( a service that connects your site to the internet)

The WordPress platform is free, but it comes with a subdomain like If you want a primary domain name like and hosting will cost you around $3 – $5 per month and you can be billed yearly on WordPress.

Having your own domain name looks far more professional than having your site on subdomain means on someone else’s domain and having your own hosting will also make sure your website loads quickly and won’t go down for hours at a time.

Ther are many websites are present they provide domain name and hosting to your websites like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and the big rock. If you don’t want to use WordPress for a domain name and hosting then choose any of these domain names and hosting providers to your website and keep enjoy. Their website hosting costs less than a movie ticket ($2.95 per month).

The most important thing always avoids the weird extensions and go with .com, .net and .org unless they perfectly describe what you have to offer. Because of .com, .net, and .org are commonly used and easily remembered.

There are few things that can help you to choose a domain name

  1. Always remember that your domain name is memorable
  2. your domain name also be brandable
  3. and the last thing is that your domain name is catchy

Step 3: – Let’s make a website online

To make an online website on WordPress CMS follow these below-given steps.

Step 1: – First of all go into any web browser which is installed on your system and then sign in to your Gmail account on which you want to make your online website and after that type in the address bar of the browser and press enter.

Step 2: – After that click on click on create a free website or blog option to create a website on WordPress.

Step 3: – After that click on Get started option on the following screen. As the figure shown below.

make online website on wordpress

Step 4: – After that, a new page will be open it will ask you for a new name of your website choose wisely and remember that always choose a site name which describes your website perfectly after filling your site name in the given box click on continue to proceed. As the figure is shown below

set site title

Step 5: – After that, a new page will be open it asks you for the set look of your home page simply click on the first option. As the figure shown below

select your homepage look

Step 6: – After that, a new page is open it asks you for choosing a domain name now fill your domain name wisely in the box and check that it is available or not if it is available then select the free option to continue as free on WordPress. As the figure is shown below.

check for domain availability

Step 7: – After that, a new page will be open it asks you for your plan simply select the free plan for your website in this plan WordPress gives 3gb space and a subdomain for your website. If you don’t want a subdomain for your website and want to purchase a domain for your website then select one of the paid plans which are given at that place and purchase a domain name instantly for your website.

Step 8: – After that, a new page will be open and it asks you for select a theme now select any of free theme which is given according to your desire.

Step 9: – Now WordPress sent a message on your email go where and click on confirmation link to start your new website instantly on your system.


Now your website is ready for use in next article we will learn about customizing your website and many more things. If you have any queries related to this simply comment below.

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