How to reboot your computer using notepad in windows?

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Here we learn a new notepad trick in windows operating system. By this trick you easily reboot your system by notepad in one click. this article is all about related to notepad tips and tricks in windows. if you want to reboot your system in one click at every time use this simple trick to reboot your system. So let’s start here how to reboot your computer using notepad in windows.

If you want to use this trick follow given below steps.

Step 1:- First of all we go to windows icon and click on it. after that type notepad in it and open notepad by this method.

Step 2:- Now notepad will be open on your screen.Now type given below code in notepad.

shutdown -t 0 -r -f

Step 3:- after type this code save this file in a drive as you wish named as reboot.bat file and close notepad.

Step 4:- After save the file go into drive where your reboot.bat file is saved and go to folder where your file will be saved.

Step 5:- After that choose reboot.bat file and right click on it to proceed on this trick.

Step 6:- Now after right click on that file choose create shortcut option and create a shortcut of your rebbot.bat file.

Step 7:- After that choose this shortcut and cut it from where and paste it on your desktop screen in your computer.

Step 8:- After that click on that shortcut to reboot your system.

After clicking on that your system will be reboot automatically. I think it is helpful to you.

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