How to recover your deleted data on your computer in windows?


Sometimes we accidentally deleted our important data from our computer by mistake and then we think about it how it recovers again on your computer. But we don’t find any proper option for that appropriate work data recovery on your computer. But we recover that data in every condition otherwise we lose something important of our life. But now after reading this article, you think that is no big issue for you. If you want to recover that data again we will tell you about some data recovery software they also you find on the internet on many sites. Download that software from their and recover your data easily from your hard drive and keep happy.

The first important thing to do for recover your data does not delete any other files and do not store any other files on that hard drive for recover data from that hard drive. Because if you delete and store any other files on that hard drive. That files may overwrite your deleted file and it is impossible to recover by any software on your computer.

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Second thing if you delete data on your computer after that do no browse internet on your computer and do not shut it down. Download any software that is given below on another computer and any other mobile. Do not download that recovery software on that computer and keep the computer in running condition. After that copy that software on your computer and install it and recover your deleted file on your computer at that instant otherwise sometimes it is impossible to recover data from them.

recover data on windows pc

If one software fails to recover your data, it does not means that another software will be also do not work try another software at once give a chance to another software to recover data may be it is successful.

Here I suggest some really good software’s and their uses to recover deleted data on your computer.


It is a free software to recover your deleted files. Recuva offers you a wizard-based interface to recover your data from your computer. It offers to scan deleted files based on their type such as music, video, picture etc. It allows you to deep scan on the hard drive for deleted files if they are not recoverable by normal search. It also offers securely deleting files.

It is portable for all computers and all type of windows. It also recovers files from your mobile card, camera card, and memory card etc. It is very useful.


It is a free software that offers wizard base interface to recover deleted files. Pandora Recovery allows you to scan and browse individual drive for recovering deleted files on your computer. It also allowed you to search deleted files for a specific name, file size, date and time etc. It also can recover data from cd and DVDs. so it is a useful software for recover deleted files.

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It is also a freeware for recovering deleted files. TestDisk is probably different from other recovery software. It gives you a powerful platform to recover data from your hard disk partitions. With this software, you can fix partition tables and recover deleted partitions, rebuild boot sector, recover deleted files from FAT, NTFS and ext2 file system and other disks related recovery part. While it is certainly a powerful tool but it’s suitable only for users with a certain degree of computer knowledge. Because disk partition and boot sector are serious stuff

recovery of data in Windows pc


It is also a free software for recover data files on your computer. Tokiwa DataRecovery is the smallest recovery software at just 200 kb in the market. It recovers file type FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file system. This software allows you to recover NTFS compressed and EFS encrypted file. So it is also a useful software for data recovery on your computer.


These are some software’s they help a lot in securely recovering your data from your hard drive and any other place on your computer. If you have any queries regarding these tools then simply solved out all of your queries using the comment section. Also, provide feedback to us using the comment section. For further updates follow our blog and stay updated.

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