How to remove Cortana from Windows 10 operating system


This article is all about how to remove Cortana from Windows 10 operating system. In the previous article, we learn about Cortana and many of the other features of Windows 10 Creators update. Cortana is an inbuilt feature of Microsoft Windows which is introduced in Windows 10 by Microsoft. Cortana is an assistance in Windows 10 which helps you a lot in operating of Windows 10. By using Cortana you can do many of the tasks by using your voice instead of typing commands. Like if you want to search anything on your system and web you can directly use Cortana instead of any browser and you can operate your system by using your Voice.

You can also use Cortana on your Android mobile and also use it for Sync notifications and any other things. But some of the users are not familiar with Cortana and they do not want Cortana assistance on their Windows 10 operating system. But there is no direct method given by Microsoft to disable or remove Cortana from Windows 10. So here I describe some of the indirect methods to remove and disable Cortana assistance from your Windows 10 operating system to help some of the Windows users. So let’s start here how to disable Cortana assistance from Windows 10.

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Steps to remove Cortana from Windows 10 operated PC or laptop.

1.  First of all, click on the Cortana search box and type gpedit in it then Cortana shows some results on your Screen. In which simply click on the Edit Group Policy icon which is given at the topmost position in Cortana search results. Figure is shown below

how to use cortana

2.  After clicking on Edit Group Policy icon it will redirect you to the Local group editor which is opened on your screen in a new window. Now in this Window, we make the necessary changes which help us in removing Cortana from your system.

3.  Now in Local group editor first of all click on the Computer configuration option which is given in the left sidebar. Now after that simply click on the Administrative Templates which is also given in the left sidebar under the Computer Configuration option. Now after that click on the Windows Component which appears on your screen under the Administrative Templets. Now at the right side box, many of the options will be shown on your screen in which find Search option and click on it to open it. Figure is shown below

use local group editor for disable cortana

4.  Now after clicking on the Search option, you can see that many of the files will be shown on your screen in which files search for Allow Cortana. After that double click on that file to open and edit Cortana settings from Local Group Editor. Figure is shown below

cortana settings in local group editor

5.  Now after that, you can see that a new window will be opened on your screen named as Allow Cortana in which select the Disabled option to disable Cortana from your Windows 10 operated PC. After that click on the Apply option and then click on Ok option to save these settings and close Local Group Editor. As the figure is shown below

how to disable cortana using gpedit

6.  By using these above steps you can simply disable your Cortana assistance from Windows 10 but if you want to remove Cortana permanently from your system then this is not the end of the process. You can still found Cortana in background processes. So now we use Command prompt to stop Cortana from background processes. Further steps are given below respectively.

7.  Now click on the Cortana Search box and search for command prompt using keyword cmd.exe then run Command prompt on your system and make sure that you run it as an administrator. Because of critical changes in settings on your Windows operating PC administrator permission is required. So we use command prompt as admin.

8.  Now in command prompt type gpupdate /force command and press enter to update your computer policy which is configured or changes by you to disable Cortana from windows. Now you can see that Cortana does not work on your system but it still running in the background process of your system and consume your CPU cycle and memory. So follow below-given steps in order to completely remove Cortana from your system.

9.  Now open taskbar to remove Cortana from background processes. So to open Task manager simply right-click on the Taskbar and it shows you many options on your screen now choose Task Manager option from the given options to saw background processes of your system.

10.  After that simply search Cortana from background processes in Task Manager and then right click on the Cortana option and choose Open file location option from the given options to proceed. As the figure is shown below

use task manager for manage background processes

11.  Now you can see that it will take you to the folder where Cortana’s system folder is available. Now rename this folder change it into a file by adding .bak in its name like you can rename this folder into the a.bak file. To rename this folder, first of all, remove Cortana from background processes by using End Task option in the Task Manager. Then rename your folder otherwise you can not be able to rename this folder without removing Cortana from the background processes.

12.  Now you can see that Cortana is permanently removed from your system and taskbar too. Now you never find Cortana on your System again without enabling Cortana on your system by some indirect methods to enable Cortana again.

                                                                       THAT’S IT

This is the whole process by which you can simply remove Cortana from your Windows 10 operated PC. And this method is perfectly worked on all the PCs. I think this article is helpful for you if you have any problem regarding this and any of the other topic related to technology then simply solved out your queries using the comment section. And also provide feedback and suggestions to us because your feedback is valuable for us. If you are new to this blog then follow this blog using follow button for further updates in the field of technology.

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