How to remove shutdown option from your pc by using registry editor in windows?


Hey viewers today we will be learn how to remove shutdown button from your pc without using any third party software in windows. So let’s start

Step 1:- we will go to run through using window key+R.
Step 2:- then type gpedit.msc in it and press enter.

Step 3:- then we choose user configuration and in it we choose administartive templates and click on it.
Step 4:- after it we choose start menu and taskbar then double click on it.
Step 5:- after it we choose remove and prevent access to the shut down, restart, sleep, and hibernate commands in it and double click on it.
Step 6:- after it we choose enable option and click on apply button to see effect now your shutdown button will disappear on the desktop. figure shown below
 shutdown button

i think it is helpful to you. if you any queries and doubt about this then keep stay on blog for further updates.

Your thoughts?

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