How to show a hidden pendrive on your screen in windows?

hey folks! today we will learn how to saw a pendrive in your computer which is not detectable in your computer by this trick you show your pendrive detectable and work properly in computer so try this trick on your pen drive and your pendrive will be work properly on computer.

Step 1:- first of all we will go to run by using windows key+R.

Step 2:- then we type compmgmt.msc in it and press enter.

Step 3:- after it a new tab will be open in it we choose disk management in left side on tab and click on it.

Step 4:- in it we saw all the pc drives including pen drive are listed.

Step 5:- now right click on your pendrive and choose the option change drive letter and path and click on it.

Step 6:- now a pop up will be open after it and in it we click on add option. figure shown below

disk management

Step 7:- now a new pop up will be open. in it we choose the first option.

Step 8:- now assign the following drive letter simply choose your desired drive letter which is different then previously assigned letter to your drive. and click on ok

Step 9:- after it we restart your pc and you will see that pendrive not showing problem is solved successfully.

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