How to schedule Whatsapp messages?

In the series of Whatsapp automation, we have one more new app named “WhatsReminder for Whatsapp“. This app is developed by Paresh Patil for all the android devices running 4.3 and up.

WhatsReminder is an intuitive reminder app which will auto-reply your scheduled Whatsapp messages to the intended person at a certain time. The good thing is that you could even decide the frequency of the messages and time interval as well.

NOTE – Please note that auto-reply will only work when the screen is ON. When the screen is OFF it will just notify about your scheduled Whatsapp message, from there you could tap on “Send Whatsapp Message Now” to send the message immediately.

NOTE – Enable Accessibility service to use WhatsReminder. Open Phone Settings>Accessibility and Turn ON the WhatsReminder.


• Never miss any important occasion, anniversary, or birthday of those you care about.

• Set a reminder for Family members to take pills or other medication on time when you are not at home.
• If you are asked to remind someone about something important after a time period

• Stick with the people you love when you are busy
• Just tap to select the greetings for different occasions to simply schedule a message with greetings from the app.

• Strengthening your relationship by saying simply good morning every day.


• Schedule WhatsApp messages and repeat reminders every minute, hour, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, on specific days of the week and more!

• View all your active reminders

• Track history of all your previous reminders. These will be in the inactive section.
• View, Edit or Delete reminders easily.

• Pick messages from the templates. Templates for different occasions.

• Nice and user-friendly Material UI. Ads displayed are too much but we could expect them to get lower by the time.

Ever wanted to have the simplest of the Launcher on your Android device. Here is a launcher which turns your home screen into Linux command line interface with impressive commands and an enter key. Read about it here.


• If WhatsReminder got Crashed due to some reason, Then you need to Turn OFF Accessibility service and again Turn ON manually.

• Xiaomi phones accessibility permissions will be Turned OFF after each time the phone restarts. To solve this, go to security App>Permission>Autostart> then Turn ON WhatsReminder.

There are many other schedulers for Whatsapp messages like Scheduler for Whatsapp. It fails half of the time and is highly inconsistent.

We have another app named SQEDit Scheduling App. It lets you schedule Whatsapp messages, Calls, Messages, FB posts, and Emails. It takes huge space in the background so, I won’t recommend it for low RAM devices.

While scheduling a Whatsapp message you can send images, docs or camera snaps. You can track the pending messages, done, delete, etc. Management is pretty nice but the whole of the interface is not so smooth and clear.

All of these apps work in the following way-

  • They request accessibility service. 
  • While scheduling they take a Whatsapp contact as you select. This needs Contact reading permissions.
  • At the selected time if your phone screen isn’t locked then you could even see that how it works and you get switched to whatever you were doing.

NOTE – Whatsapp automation has some restrictions. You need a rooted device to allow apps to send scheduled messages even when the screen is OFF.

Microsoft SMS Organizer app is perfect to replace your system messaging app and schedule SMS. For any other social media scheduling Buffer is good.

Whatsreminder for Whatsapp is a well-designed app with low background usage. You might recall similar Buffer to schedule your all other social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is still in its infancy and we hope to get some good features in the upcoming builds. Click here to download the app from the Play Store now and let us know what you think of it. Feature suggestions for the app are most welcome.

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