How to secure your pc from viruses and hackers?


In this article we learn about computer security from viruses and any type of fraud in online net banking on your computer by hackers and prevent you from any other internet fraud by these some methods. Here we will learn about how to prevent these type of online fraud on your computer and keep your computer secure from viruses and hackers also. So let’s start here

1. How to secure your computer from viruses.


Never, ever turn off the real protection protection of your antivirus if it is decrease performance and upgrade if necessary. Keep your virus definitions up-to-date.

Use the automatic update feature of your anti-virus and try not to ignore the message however often it might pop up.

If you update regularly and you have not seen any suspicious activity on your PC, do a deep scan at least one time in a month.

Always create an emergency boot disk and keep it in a safe place. In every two months run a deep scan in safe mode because it kill the viruses that would otherwise remain hidden.

2. How to prevent your computer from hackers.


A firewall is a powerful tool that requires an understanding of how program work and exactly what it is doing or firewall also check that whether  a program is secure or not on your pc. Firewall also provide you the internet security at the time of online banking and at the time of online work doing on internet.

Firewall gives you a security when you doing some important work online on internet. It prevents you from hackers and if someone try to heck your computer it redirect the path of our data sending and prevent you from hackers.

If you try to run any third party firewall on your computer be sure your windows firewall is turned off.

You can temporarily disable a firewall by right click on the icon in the tray. It is useful when you know a site and you can trust on that site but your firewall blocked it on internet. Then you disable firewall and access that site on your computer.

But after your work is done turn on your firewall quickly to secure your computer from hackers.

Always read all firewall notifications carefully that is shown on your screen time to time in the form of pop up screens. do not ignore firewall notifications. It is secure your computer always.


Anti spam software is a important software for your computer. Because of the amount of spam messages received by internet users frequently on their emails. These spam messages are the most common factor of cyber crime occurred in our world.

Use any anti spam software to prevent yourself from spam messages on your computer and prevent yourself from being hacked by others.

Anti spam software will be getting better results over time.

Regularly check your spam folder for good mails. None of the anti spam software is perfect right now on internet.


A spyware is a type of program which collects your private information and private data from your computer and send it to its programmer. Spyware are considered most dangerous than virus because they  steal your private information like windows registration number, facebook id and password, net banking id and password, bank account details and credit cared information which is saved in your computer and your browser.

Spyware can be used for  steal information of any user which can be used to harm a user in all possible ways by these type of information’s. So to prevent from these spywares use Anti spyware software.

You should regularly check for updates and keep it up to date always to secure your computer. Enable automatic update feature for this software always.

Regularly scan your computer in a fix interval of time otherwise set schedule scan for your computer if your software allows that feature.

I think these types of method secure your computer from hackers and viruses. so use these tricks to prevent yourself from online fraud and from being hacked by others online.


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