How to set additional security for windows by Syskey password


Syskey is the utility that encrypts the hashed password information in SAM database in a windows system using a 128-bit RC4 encryption key that, by default, is stored in the windows registry. Syskey can optionally be configured to require the user to enter the key at boot time as a startup password or load it on removable storage media (e.g., USB flash drive). Generally, windows have a feature of security by adding user password. But if you are not satisfied with a single password on startup you can set an additional password by the Syskey utility.

Syskey utility is an inbuilt feature of windows for securing data by using 128-bit encryption. Syskey was introduced with Windows NT 4.0 SP3. You can add Syskey password on the system which is asked on windows startup. After setting up this password on your windows you can not boot windows without this password and no one can reach your user’s password without knowing Syskey password. By using Syskey password your system will have two layers of security. 

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To enable Syskey password on your system follow below-given steps on your system.

Step 1: – First of all open run search box by using windows key+R. then type Syskey in it and press enter to open Syskey password utility on your screen.

Step 2: – If this method doesn’t work on your then simply open command prompt by using Windows key+X and then type Syskey in it and press enter to open Syskey utility on your screen.

Step 3: – After that, a window will be open on your screen in it select update option to set a password on your system. As the figure shown below

syskey password utility

Step 4: – After clicking on update option now a new window will be opened. Now click on startup password if you want to require a password to start windows. Always use a complex password that contains a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.  The startup password must be at least 12 characters long and can be up to 128 characters long.

Step 5: – After clicking on startup password option Now type a password in it and confirm the password and then click on the OK option to set a password on your system. As the figure shown below

set password in syskey utility

Step 6: – If you do not want to require a startup password then click on System generated password option in it. then two option are shown on your screen. select either of the following options.

  • Click on Store startup key on the floppy disk to store the system password on a floppy disk. This requires that someone insert the floppy disk to start the operating system.
  • Otherwise, click on Store startup key locally to store the encryption key on the hard disk of the local computer. This is the default option.

After that click on OK option twice to complete the procedure.

Now the startup password will be set by using above two methods on your system and provide your system a double layer of security. So, after now whenever you start your system it will always ask for both password startup password as well as user password.


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