Hello guys once again we will be introduce to you about a new trick in this trick we will be learn how to set schedule  gmail message should be sent later automatically. this trick is use for gmail when you don’t have an internet connection and you ant to send message for someone by gmail that time you will be use this trick and you will surely helped by his trick so use this at once. so let’s start here to apply this trick we follow given  below steps.

Step 1:- first of all we will be open google chrome in your pc. if you don’t have this browser install it and then open it.

Step 2:- now go to extensions and search for extension in this google web store. to search we type  boomerang for gmail and press enter.

Step 3:- then after it will be open in google web store in it we click on add to chrome button.

Step 4:- now after click on that we will saw a new tab will be open in this we choose add extension and click on it.

Step 5:- then after it you will be login your gmail account and you will be saw a pop up that said ‘thank you for installing boomerang and now in it we will be click on start button.

Step 6:- now after it click on next and then at last we click on finish button now our setup is completed.

Step 7:- then after it this app will be ask for use the information on app in it we will be click on allow button.

Step 8:- now after it we will compose a email in it and we will saw a option send later in it and we simply click on it.

Step 9:- now you set your time to send email in its option for any time as you want and click on confirm.

Step 10:- now your email will be set at a time by this setup email will be deliverd only that specific time that will be set by you.

i think it is helpful to you if you have any queries about this trick then simply comment on it. i will be answer back surely for further updates keep attach with this blog by follow this by email.

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