How to show a permanently hidden folder, files and videos also using command in windows?

Command prompt tricks
Hello everyone in last session we will learn how to hide a folder, file and videos also your PC through command.  today we will learn here how to show these type of hidden folder  using command so start here learning how to show a permanently hidden folder, file and videos also.
First of all we learn to show a hidden folder, file and videos also.
In previous post we will hide a folder its name was Users. In this post we will show this folder successfully. Let’s start

Step 1: go to run using windows key+R
Step 2: then type cmd in run and press enter your command prompt will be open
Step 3: then type cd .. in command and press enter this process will repeat 2 times in command then your command prompt will be look like as given below in figure. Look in this figure Users will be not shown.
if you want to show folders, file and videos in other than c drive then change drive by command drive name:(only alphabet) like this I want to go in f drive then type  f:  and press enter  figure shown below.
Step 4:  then type attrib file and folder name(which folder was hidden) -s -h  then press enter after press enter Users will be shown as usual before.
Example: like I want to show a hidden folder from drive c its name was Users then I write in command attrib Users -s -h my hidden folder will be shown. figure will be shown below.
Now your hidden folder, file and video was shown successfully. Now your file will be seen you can use this file and hidden also successfully through reading previous post.
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