How to show star war movie in your windows in command prompt by notepad trick?

Notepad tricks

hello everyone in last session we will learn how to so matrix effect in your windows. I hope all my friends are successful to do this effect. so today we will learn how to show star war movie in our windows in command prompt.

for this process internet is necessary so switch on your internet and follow these steps.

Step 1: first of all we go to run through using window key+R

Step 2: then we type notepad in it and press enter.

Step 3: then our notepad is open and in this we types some kind of codes. for this process we type given below codes.

 star war movie

Step 4: then we save this file named as rahul.bat file. then after this in below we select all files and save it on desktop.

Step 5: then after it we go to control panel and click on uninstall option.

Step 6: after it in left side a option will be shown windows features on or off then click on it a new screen will be open.

Step 7: then in new screen we will search telnet client and tick on it and press ok button.

Step 8: now we will go to desktop and double click on our recently saved file rahul.bat and wait.

Step 9: then command prompt will be open then after in it we press enter button and wait our star war movie will be start now

but in this all process we connect to internet then this process is effective on screen.

if you have any queries about this contact us


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