How to shutdown your pc in one click without go to shutdown option?


Hey everyone i am back with a new post in this post we learn how to shutdown your pc in one click without going to shutdown button in one click with this trick we shutdown your pc without any delay. So let’s start

Step 1:- First of all right click on your desktop and go to New’ option and click on it.
Step 2:- then after it we choose shortcut and click on it.

Step 3:- Now a shortcut will going to be created and a pop-up will open.
Step 4:- Now in the location field  type this given below code-
%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 0
Step 5:- then after type it we choose next button and click on it.
Step 6:- after it Now a pop-up will open, here type the name of shortcut as I named it ‘shutdown’.
Step 7:- after it we choose finish button and click on it.
Step 8:- now after it we saw a shortcut on screen your shortcut will be created.
Step 9:- Now if you double click on this shortcut, your PC will shut down OR you may right click on the shortcut and click on ‘Pin to Taskbar’. This will pin the shortcut to taskbar.
Step 10:- After pinning it to taskbar, you will see an icon on the taskbar. When you click on it, your PC will shut down quickly.

i think it is helpful to you if you have any queries about it contact us we will answer you shortly. 

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