How to use usb drive/pendrive as a ram of computer in windows?


We all know about usb drive it is a essential tool for carrying data from one place to another place.In other words we all pronounce a word for usb drive is called pendrive. Pendrive is a common name of usb drive which is used in our daily life. In pendrive we store offline data and carry this data from one place to another and pendrive is also used for transfer data from one pc to another pc. But here we learn about how to use your pendrive as a ram and use it for gaming and operate other high graphics softwares without hanging your pc. So let’s start here.

Step-1  First insert the usb device in the usb port and then open file explorer in your computer.

Step-2  Now open the properties of the usb drive , which usb drive you want to use as a ram ,now                select on the “ready boost” option in the properties dialog box.

use usb drive/pendrive as ram

Step-3  Now select the “use this device option”  from the dialog box , and then click on apply                       option

Now your device will be used as a ram in your computer.

*For removing your your usb device from using as a ram 

Step-4  Now again click on the properties of the same usb drive , then again click on the “ready                    boost” .

remove usb drive/pendrive as a ram

Step-5  Now we will click on the ” do not use this device” option  in the dialog box.

.I think it is helpful to all specially for gamers who want to play high graphics game but they can not play because of less ram in pc. Now by this trick make your usb drive/pendrive as a ram and enjoy gaming and other things on your pc without hanging your pc.


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