Learn how to access blocked websites on your computer and mobile phone also in colleges and schools


This article is all about how to access blocked websites on your computer in colleges and schools. By using this trick you can able to open all blocked websites on your system and mobile phone also. Sometimes we saw that in our colleges and schools many of websites are blocked on your college and school wi-fi like social media websites. Here in this tutorial, we learn that how to access that restricted websites on your system. There are many methods are also available for bypass a restricted website. But sometimes we saw that those methods do not work on your system. So in this article, we learn some methods to bypass a restricted website which is always working on your system.

1. How to access blocked/restricted websites by use proxy websites:-

As we know that in our daily life we face some restriction on the many of the sites, we can face this restriction on the sites at different places such as in college life, in professional life, or at the home. At that time we need a way to unblock that restricted sites and in this situation, proxy website act as a rescue method to unblock restricted sites.

For your knowledge, you should remember that there are hundreds of proxy website that will help you in making your web experience ‘unrestricted’. A proxy website is worked as a moderator in between user and server site. The proxy website screening the blocked site from the ISPs and which gives them access to a blocked website.

To find out the proxy website for any restricted or blocked website we have to perform a Google search.

Let’s take an example:-

if social media websites are blocked in your institution than for find out proxy server we will Google search ” proxy server and websites for access blocked websites”. Or If you want to go on a proxy website to access your blocked website and content you can go to any of the proxy websites which is given below.












2. How to access blocked/restricted websites by using VPN services: –

Here VPN means “virtual proxy network” which allows you to access the blocked website at your home. VPN also allows you to connect your device to a secure connection from another insecure network over the internet.Using the VPN you can unblock any website which is restricted to your country or in your institution.

If you want to know why we use VPN services and importance of VPN in daily life click on the given link or read my previous articles.

There are many of the free VPN from where you can download anyone and you can enjoy your web experience.VPN  behave as a tunnel which can convert data into garbage value so it is difficult to sniffing in your data.

Here are some best VPN service are listed below.

  1.  Proxify
  2. HideMyAss
  3. PrivateInternetAccess
  4. Hide-My-IP
  5. Hotspotshield
  6. Hola VPN
  7. PureVPN
  8. ExpressVPN
  9. IPVanish VPN
  10. Buffered VPN
  11. NordVPN
  12. VyprVPN

3. How to access blocked/restricted websites by using RSS feed: –

RSS readers are very useful for getting the fresh content and also reading them easily. You can also grab the RSS feed of blocked website and then you can add it to the reader. If the blocked website does not have an RSS feed then there are many of the online services with the help of which you can create RSS feed.

4. How to access blocked and restricted websites by going to internet archive – Wayback machine: –

Wayback machine is a service which keeps the copy of most of the website on the internet. There is multiple version of a website are saved in the Wayback machine, from where you can use it to access the old version of the website.

VPN setups

5. How to access blocked/restricted websites by using URL recasting method: –

In this method, we will do some changes in the URL, because at some time when a particular website is hosted in VPN and it does not have installed certified SSL. For such sites, you will go to the address bar of the browser and you will type https://www.technohlper24.com, instead of accessing www.technoelper24.com or http://www.technohelper24.com.

6. How to access blocked/restricted websites by using bypass via Extension method: –

If a website is blocked by your office or by college then you can unblock this website by using some extension such as Hola, Hotspot shield and Proximate are some extensions which can access the blocked website.

7. How to access blocked/restricted websites by using TOR browser: –

TOR is a browser that lets you browse anonymously by ensuring privacy. This prevents you from the hackers and trackers to know which website you are visiting and you can also use this browser for access blocked websites. Because Tor browser hides your systems IP address. If you want to use TOR browser then first of all download this software from the internet and then install it on your server.

proxy websites

8. How to access blocked/restricted websites by using IP rather than URL: –

Sometimes some organizations and institutions block URL of the website to block that website. But they do not block IP address of that website. In that situation to open a blocked and restricted website type IP address of that website instead of URL. Sometimes it works because the IP address of that website does not restricted and google access that website by its IP address instead of URL. To know the IP address of a website open your command prompt in windows (Mac users open terminal on their systems) then type ping google.com and press enter. Now you saw that a google’s IP address will be shown on your screen.


I think this is helpful to you. If you have any problems and queries regarding this solved out through comment section. If you want to give some suggestions to make this post more useful then also using the comment section to give suggestions.

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