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This article is all about how to block websites on your computer in windows operating system. In this tutorial, we learn why we block websites and how to block websites on your system. Well blocking any website on your computer becomes necessary when you really want to make it your personal computer. This method is also useful in increasing your productivity by blocking time-wasting websites like facebook, youtube etc. There are many extensions present on the internet to do this work but they work for a certain time interval. If you want to block websites permanently on your system then use these methods on your windows operating system.

Here in this tutorial, we learn two easiest methods to block websites on your computer. This method is also useful when you never want that anyone uses your computer for a long time and keeps using your internet while you just shit aside them to see what they are doing. You can simply block the sites and prevent them from opening in your system to get rid of this problem. So let’s start here how to block websites on your computer using two different methods.

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Method 1: – How to block websites on your computer using windows host file

For this method, we don’t require any additional software to be installed on your computer. we do this work easily by editing a notepad file in windows. That notepad file is named as host file in Windows operating system. By using this trick we can make our computer to redirect again to your machine instead of opening that host site. So follow below-given steps to block a website using windows host file on your system.

1.  First of all, go to your windows host file by navigating given below path in Local disk C on your windows explorer.


path for windows host file

2.  After following this path you saw a file named as Host, now right click on that file and then choose open file with notepad option to proceed.

3.  After that, you will see several lines of text which are used for mapping purpose, now go to the next line of the text, for go to the last line you will press enter key, and then your cursor will reach at the end of the file.

  1. After reaching the end of the notepad file type “” that is your systems permanent IP address. then press the spacebar to proceed.
  2. After that, type the specific address of the website on the same line, which website you want to block on your computer.
  3. After that, you will save this file, and if the duration of saving if you received any message then you will ignore this message. Like here I want to block facebook and youtube as the figure is shown below.

how to block websites in windows through notepad

  1. Now you can check the website in your browser, which you want to block. Now, these websites will not open in your browser.

Method 2: – How to block websites on your computer using control panel

If above method does not work on your system then use this method. this method surely works on your system.In this method, we use control panel for block websites on our system. So follow these steps for block websites on your system using control panel.

1.  First of all, click on the start button then go to control panel, and then click on the User accounts and Family safety option to proceed.

2.  After that, click on the Set up parental control for any user option to proceed.

how to block websites on your system using control panel

3.  Now after that, the list of all users will be displayed on your system. Here on this screen select a user account in which account you will set the web filter to proceed.

4.  After selecting a user account, now go to the parental control and then choose the ON, enforce current setting option to proceed.

5.  After that, click on the web filter option and after that, click on the block some websites or contents option to proceed.

6.  After that click on Edit and allow and block list to configure your block list.

7.  Now you saw that a website address box is displayed on your screen. Now in this address bar type the address for the website that you want to allow or block and after that click on Allow or Block option according to your need.


Now you see that your block websites do not open on your system in any of the browsers. If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask using the comment section and also provide feedback because your feedback is valuable to us.

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