Niagara Launcher is personalization with simplicity which does not compromise on productivity.

Android and IOS Awareness
This launcher is gonna change how you interact with your Android notifications. With some insane amount of minimalism and simplicity this ‘unreleased’ Home launcher alternative is already looking very promising. And there is a line in its Play Store description stating ‘This is just the start. Folders, shortcuts and widgets will be available in the future’. We don’t have any release date yet but anyone can download it for free from the Play Store (link).
Clean Homescreen with Niagara Launcher. Read this post to get a well arranged and tagged music library on your PC and Android.


Keeping your favorite apps even closer and solve the messy notification problem of Android with a clean HomeScreen is what it does. And Peter Huber have done it pretty efficiently.


All apps in a simplified list

You just need to scroll either of the edges on the launcher. On the top are Favourite apps followed by an alphabetically arranged App list and Launcher settings at the bottom.


Interact with notifications and reply to your messages

Unique notification dots are here and you can expand any notification with a simple ‘Right Swipe’. Dismissing the notification is even simpler, you can swipe right or left after expanding it to do so.


Hide apps and explore more options with just a ‘Tap and hold’

Tap and hold on any app icon (or its name) to expand a Menu which comes handy in case you quickly want to hide apps, re-arrange favourites or manage them, changing app names or their icons.

Use other icon packs and try other theming options

Manage your favourite apps or try app suggestions



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Note – A few features are unreliable and some are a work in progress.



‘This thing is personalization with simplicity which does not compromise on productivity.’
Using Niagara Launcher

Other similar launchers to try

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