Problem fixed: Windows 10 Taskbar not working properly


This article is all about how to fix Taskbar not working problem in Windows 10. In the previous articles, we learn a lot of things about Windows 10 Creators update like what’s new in Windows 10 Creators update. We also learn about many of the critical problems and tricks of Windows. The latest update of Windows 10 has won many hearts of the Windows users. The elegant look and design of Windows 10 attract everyone towards it. Though Windows 10 has many of the new and attracting features in it sometimes users faced many of the problems like blue screen problem, troubleshooter problem, taskbar problem etc. But such issues like Taskbar not working properly can give a bad user experience. Many of the Windows users faced many types of taskbar problem in Windows 10.

Like taskbar not working properly, taskbar not responding, taskbar auto-hide, cannot click on the icons which are present on the taskbar, taskbar not hiding, etc. In other words, we can say that Windows 10 taskbar not working properly or freezes and Windows 10 taskbar is unresponsive or stops working randomly. Then I think this article is helpful for you because there are many ways available to fix this problem and here we learn some of the effective methods to fix this problem. So let’s start here how to fix Windows 10 taskbar is not working problem in Windows.

Methods to Fix Taskbar not working on Windows 10

Method 1: – Fix taskbar issue through the Task manager

This is one of the simplest methods to fix this problem. If your Taskbar has some minor problems in working then this method works perfectly on your system. Because this method does not need to change any other settings of the system. So this is the safest method to fix this problem on your system. Let’s start here what you need to do for apply this method to your system.

1.  First of all open Task Manager on your system. To do so press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys simultaneously from the keyboard. After that, you can see that it will show some options on your screen in which Simply choose Task Manager option to open it on your system.

2.  If above method does not work for you then simply open Run search box using Windows key +R. After that type taskmgr.exe command in Run search box and press Enter to open Task Manager on your system.

3.  Now after that search for Windows Explorer under the processes tab which is given in the Task Manager.

4.  Once you find it then simply click on it and select restart option from your screen to proceed which is present in the bottom right corner of the Task Manager window. As the figure is shown below

How to use task manager in windows to fix taskbar

5.  After that wait for some time because it takes a little while to simply kill Windows Explorer process and restart it again on your system. By which your Windows Explorer is restarted and restore the taskbar of your system.

Now make sure that this method is work for you or not. If this method does not work for you then use next method to fix this problem.

Method 2: – Fix taskbar issue using command prompt

This is another way to fix your taskbar issues in just seconds and also in an easier way. By using this method you can simply fix taskbar issues using some simple commands in command prompt on your system.

1.  First of all run Command prompt as admin on your system. To do so click on the Cortana search box and type cmd keyword in it to proceed.

2.  Now you can see that Cortana search box shows some of the options. In which right click on the command prompt option and choose Run as administration option to proceed. As the figure is shown below

open command prompt using cortana

3.  After that type, dism/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth command in the command prompt and press Enter to proceed. As the figure is shown below

How to use command prompt to fix taskbar

4.  This command helps you to fix your taskbar issues in Windows 10 operated PC.

5.  If your taskbar does not work properly after applying these above-given methods then in the end type given below command in command prompt and press Enter to proceed

Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackageGet-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -online

6.  After that restart your system to saw effects.

Note: – Always remember that this command deletes all of your windows apps including the apps which are downloaded from Windows Store. So, first of all, try all other ways on your system then use this command as the last option. So try this at your own risks.

                                                                             THAT’S IT

These are the possible ways by which you can easily fix windows taskbar does not work properly on windows 10. If you have any queries regarding this then it can be solved through the comment section. If you have found this article helpful for you then provide feedback to us. Because your feedback is valuable to us and also subscribe our blog for further updates.

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