How to show a hidden partition in windows using command prompt?

Command prompt tricks
This article is all about how to show or unhide a hidden partition in Windows using the command prompt. The command prompt is the very essential and useful thing for all the windows users because by using command prompt we can do many of the works in a simple and easier way than ever. If you want to store confidential and personal files on your system then you can hide or unhide that partition with ease using command prompt in windows.
There are three methods by which we can hide a partition on the Windows platform that is given below
1. Hide partition via removing the drive letter using the command prompt
2. Hide partition using third party software
3. Hide a partition using disk management option or feature.
Here we use the first method to hide or unhide a drive. So let’s start here. Video link is given below at the end of the post so you can saw this process in the video format.
step 1: First of all open Run search box option using windows key+R
step 2: After that type cmd command in it and press enter to open the command prompt.
step 3: After that in command prompt, type diskpart command to access all control of hard disk in command prompt. So we can easily manage all the volumes and other partitions.
step 4: After that type list disk command and press enter to saw all disks which are connected to our PC.
how to show a hidden partition
step 5: After that type select disk 0 commands to select a disk from your computer in which you want to make changes. {where 0 is a number of disks in which your partition is hidden}
step 6: After that now type list volume command to saw all partition or volumes of windows are available on that hard drive.
step 7: Now type select volume 5 command and press enter to proceed {here 5 is the number of the volume which is hidden by us in the previous post of hiding partition.}
step 8: Now type assign letter e and press enter to complete this process {here e is an alphabet which is hidden by us in the previous post}
step 9: then after it type exit command to leave control of hard disk and press enter.
This is the simplest and easiest method by which you can easily unhide a partition using the command prompt. If you have any queries regarding this then simply solved out through the comment section and also follow our blog for further updates.
If you want to saw all the process in video format then click on given below link

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