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This article is all about for bloggers who want to create a new blog or website and want to famous in the world through blogging. In this article, we learn about how to create a successful blog or website by which you can earn money and become a famous blogger of the present world. Here I tell you about some tips which seem very helpful for you when you start a new blog or website. I also used these tips and now my website is also counted in one of the fastest growing websites which provide all kind of stuff in comparison to others. If you like these tips then use these tips on your own blog or website at the time of starting and become a successful blogger in comparison to others. So here I started telling about these tricks and explain in detail how can these tips help you in starting a successful blog.


First of all, choose a website building platform, In other words, we can say that choose the best CMS (content management system) for your blog or website on which you can start your blog easily and you can also manage your blog or website on that platform simply. I always preferred WordPress CMS for beginners because it is user-friendly platform and provide many features and also easy to use.

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Use given below tips for creating a successful blog or website

1. Choose a perfect title for your blog or website which describes your blog perfectly like what kind of stuff and content your blog or website is provided to your readers and always choose a choose a catchy and appealing domain for your website or blog which is easy in memorize to your readers and also able to attract visitors toward your website or blog. Always build a community of loyal readers. this will inspire people’s curiosity and attract readers toward your website or blog. Always write about something you are sensual about, lets your enthusiasm about your work and knowledge shine through your posts. Always write meaningful posts that will able to attract more peoples towards your website or blog and also bind your regular readers to your website or blog. Always encourage interaction whenever it possible, talk directly to your readers and invite them to reply to your posts. Always respond to your reader comment – let them know how much they mean to you.

2. Developed your writing skills are the most important thing that can help you in creating a successful blog or website. Always try to write in the easiest language than other bloggers which can easily understand by your readers and attract peoples toward your website or blog. To improve your writing skills you should make a habit of reading. Always read the articles of other bloggers who performed well on the internet and also try to understand their language and writing skill. In this world, everyone has its own language and writing skill but we can change it by reading books and other bloggers on the internet and make your writing skill easy which can be understood by everyone. Always remember that do not copy others articles on your blog it puts you in trouble.

3. Comment on other blogs is the necessary thing to create a successful blog or website. Always read other bloggers to increase your knowledge and when you found something interesting on their post, then simply comment on their post of that blog and appreciate their work and also always use attractive comments for attracting and stealing visitors toward your blog. By commenting on other website, peoples know about your blog and search engines also index your blog or website by its popularity. Commenting on other blogs is used to promote your blog or website everywhere and increase your website ranking by stealing visitors from others website. So, always comment on other blogs or websites.

4. Design your blog in a simple way to ease visitors It is good to have the responsive design for your website or blog. But never use highly animated themes which contains heavy design, heavy animations because heavy themes slow down the speed of the website and increase the loading time of your website or blog it annoys visitors and they can leave your blog very quickly because many of sites open very fast then your and search engine only index your content and your loading speed so, always use simple themes for your website to ease visitors and it is also good for SEO (search engine optimization).

5. Use images when it is essential in your post. Also use images in your posts that are describe your process which is written in the post because people’s avoid long writing they search posts on the internet in which they have less and clear writing with images relates to that post and peoples easily understand by images rather than words. So, always use images in your post when it is necessary.

6. Take advantage from social media like facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, linkedin, pintrest etc. In today’s world social media is the most powerful platform. If you have a huge fan following on the social media then you can drive visitors to your blog or website from the social media platform. Use all social media platforms to promote your blog or website because social media drives a lot of visitors on your blog or website without any huge effort.

You can use these following social media channels to booming your website or blog

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Stumble upon
  • it
  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • Google+

7. Enjoy blogging It is the most important thing that can make a blog or website successful in clear counts. You can become a successful blogger when you have passion towards your work and have knowledge of writing and you have a potential and you have a habit to never give up in you then you become a successful blogger and you can make a successful blog or website.


If you found these tips helpful for you then appreciate my work by comments and also solve your all queries through the comment section.

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