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This article is all about some useful applications for your android devices which help you a lot in many of things like creating PDF, backup files on your android device, operate your wi-fi router from your Android phone, check wi-fi strength, and barcode scanner. For doing these types of works on your android device these applications are must-have applications for your android devices so use these applications and then take benefit of these apps.

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1.  Wi-Fi Analyzer: –

This app is very useful to analyze the wireless network in your area and you can check that what channel they are using with your phone. This is the best way to figure out what channel you should give to your wireless router.

2. DropBox: –

This app is very useful to store your files like videos, photos, documents, videos and other files. It is easy to send large files to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. It also allows you to get all your files on all your devices anytime by simply logging into your Dropbox account. It has some features in it which are described below

dropbox application

  1. It allows you to edit Microsoft Office files from your phone or tablet.
  2. It also allows you to set back up photos and videos automatically from your device.
  3. It allows you to send large files from one device to another without using email attachments.

3. CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator: –

This app is very useful for students, it is used to scan the document from your smartphone built-in camera and then you can upload these document anywhere you want and you can send these document via mail also. Cam Scanner is available on Google play store which gives you some unique features like

Camscanner application

  1. Mobile Scanner: – Use your phone camera to scan any document and also make a PDF of any notes.
  2. Optimize Scan Quality: – It gives you smart cropping enhancing make the texts and graphics look clear and sharp.
  3. Quick search: – It also provides you a search option to find all the notes easily by search.
  4. Share PDF: – It also allows you to share your PDF files on social media with friends.
  5. Secure important docs: – It also allows you to protect your document by setting a password on it.

4. Advanced Task Killer: –

This app is very useful in killing the background task in one click only.This application is available on Google play store you can use it as Task killer, Speed Booster, and Battery Saver also.  Sometime during over time many of the apps are open in the background which consumes a lot of power on your device, this app is used to get relief from background task in one click. It gives some feature which is listed below.

android task killer

  1. Ignore list
  2. One tap widget
  3. Auto kill
  4. Customize item height

5. Barcode Scanner: –

This app is used to scan the barcode or QR code. In today’s world, everyone uses BarCode for hiding details in it and also useful for giving some information through it. In today’s world, all the companies also use Barcode to give a surety of their users they can implant a BarCode on their products and users scan that BarCode and take all the details from that BarCode about that product and also check for purity of product by BarCode. So we use BarCode scanner on our Android devices and beware of any type of fraud. This app is also available on Google play store.

6. Fing – Network Tools: –

Fing – Network Tools is the completely free and super-fast network scanner. It is easily available on Google play store for all the android devices This is the best app to discover which devices are connected to any Wi-Fi network, map devices, detected intruders, access network security risks and do much more things on your Android device. Some of its utilities will be shown below.

fing application

  1. It gives you full device details including IP address, MAC address, Device name, Vendor, Device Manufacturer and more.
  2. It shows all of the devices which is connected to your Wi-Fi network and also helps in finding intruders on your Wi-Fi router.
  3. It also gives you a Network intruder detection.
  4. It includes Wi-Fi scanner, Port scanner, DNS lookup, ping, and service monitoring. So Fing is a must have network utility


In next article, we will discuss some more useful apps on Android devices. If you have any type of suggestion suggest me through comment section

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