What’s new in Windows 10 Creators update


This article is all about Windows 10 Creators update. In this article, we learn about new features f Windows 10 which are come with the Windows 10 Creators update. In April 2017 Microsoft will release a new major update for Windows 10 which is known as Creators update. Now along with this update, Microsoft launched new unique features like 3D Paint, Improved Edge Browser, Game Mode, Themes in Window Store, and Night mode.
These are some features that are very useful for Windows users like Night Mode it is a very useful feature for users like me. Who work late night on the laptop or PC because when we doing some late night work for long hours in the front of your computer you might have realized that the strain on your eyes is real. To prevent your eyes from strain we use night mode which comes with the Windows 10 Creators update. Now here we describe all other features in detail.

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Features of Windows 10 Creators update

Some useful features of Windows 10 Creators update are described below in detail.

Paint 3D

In the Creators update, 3D paint is the most creative feature it can allow you to convert 2D images into 3D images. This feature also allows you to create your own 3D object in it. In this paint you can draw freehand or you can also able to select one of the figures from a number of predefined figures and explore the possibilities of 3D drawings. By using it you can create your own 3D scenes in no time. One great thing about Creator update is the classical paint app still lives on in the Creators update as well as.

Game Mode

This update is very lovable for gamers also because it provides a Game Mode in this update. If you are a Gamer, in other words, we can say that you played games on your computer then this feature will be very lovable for you. In this feature, your computer shifts your hardware’s resources around to maximize gaming performance and put all background task in Windows on low priority. This feature is quite helpful for mid-specs PCs and laptops that are not built for gaming. But by using this feature you can be able to play unplayable games on your PC and laptop.

Dynamic Lock

In the field of security, Microsoft uses unique features to protect their users like Windows hello. Windows Hello uses biometric sensors such as intel’s Realsense cameras to automatically log you into your PC as you sit at it. Some laptops also have fingerprint sensors which also operated by the Windows Hello. But Dynamic lock which is a feature of Windows 10 Creators update uses your phone’s Bluetooth to do the opposite. Dynamic Lock works when you walk away from your PC or laptop then your system will be locked automatically without any confirmation to secure your data from intruders.

Improvement of Edge Browser

In the Creator update, Edge Browser has improved once again. It is far better browser than Internet Explorer but it has some compatibility issues and some of these issues are resolved in Creators update like media playing capabilities. Now Microsoft Edge is the only browser that was able to play Netflix videos at 4K resolution. One of the new features of Edge browser you would properly like is the ability to manage unused open tabs for you to recollecting later. Edge browser is assisting with tab management.

New display settings

In Creators update Microsoft launches some new display settings that can be very useful for all like in Windows 10 Creators update display option now hold the ability to adjust your screen resolution and also can adjust the amount of blue light which is emitting from your screen at night. It will be quite helpful for users which use their laptop or PCs for late night work. The feature is called Nightlight it introduces by Windows because default blue color of Windows can harm your eyes. So to reduce that effect Microsoft launches Nightlight it reduces blue light automatically and changes the color of your screen that is better for your eyes.

Better Theme Support

Now in Creators update, you can customize the look of your PC or laptop according to you. Now Theme control has been moved into the Personalisation section of setting app and now you can choose themes from the entire color spectrum according to your need. Now you can also be able to buy Themes for your laptop from the Windows store. So if you want to personalize your desktop then this is the very lovable update for you because now in this update you can customize your PC and theme according to your personality.

Storage Sense

Finally, the Storage Sense feature will be introduced by Microsoft in the Windows 10 Creators update. This is the coolest feature of Creator update according to me because this feature automatically temporary files from your laptop that are not automatically cleaned up when you install and use programs on your computer.  By default, it is off but when it is on it will delete unneeded items when you are short on space. By using this you can also be able in to clean up files from your recycle bin that is older than 30 days if you want.

what is Storage Sense

Renovation of Windows Defender

Another cool thing in Windows 10 Creator update is the renovation of Windows Defender application. Now Windows Defender has a fresh new coat of paint in the Creators update and it is renamed as Windows Defender Security Center. Now in this update, Windows Defender has new scanning options, reports on your PC’s performance and health etc. The defender also adds the link to Refresh your PC and the new version includes Virus and threat protection, Device performance and health, Firewall and network protection, App and browser control and family options. That gives an advanced security to your laptop or PC from all the viruses and threads.

What's new in Windows Defender Security Center

                                                   THAT’S IT

These are some new important feature which comes with the Windows 10 Creators update. If you want to enjoy these features simply update your Windows by going to the setting then tap on update and security tile after that click on the check for update option to update your PC. If you found this article helpful for you then simply provide feedback to us using comment section because your feedback is valuable to us. Also, subscribe this blog for further updates on this blog.


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